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  • NHL friday with flmmkrz

    Jersey -.5 in reg @ -180 to win 3 units

    got this last night and I see the line jumped big time this morning with everybody on the devils but with good reason. The bolts are a bad team without captain and best player Lecavalier and going into New Jersey to face a very hungry devils team that needs to get off this extended losing streak they are on. Better team motivated, eatin some major chalk but should be worth it.

    looking at a few more but thats the only one I locked in early.

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    flmrrz- GL!....Weekes in net tonight for the NJD versus Ramo. Should be some goals in that one. Not sure if the wussy Elias is playing tonight. His coach made fun of him after sitting out last game and being "just a little too sore to play".

    PHI GM called out the PHI players after that last loss and layed it on them big time. We'll see if they bounce back today. This is yet again another situation where you think, take PHI, but i can't count the amount of times they have had a bad effort and said all the right things and then followed it up with another bad effort. Nothing changes in Orange and Black land.

    And man, what a wild game last night between the ANA and VAN. 10 goals in the first 2 periods and then none in the 3rd or OT...:dunno:...that was a big win for ANA.
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      ff- Yeah it was a crazy one last night, neither goalie was particularily sharp and both teams play each other tough. Carlyle said after the game that he told his team to shut it down in the third and play for ot so they could get a point, they just clogged it up and took their chances in shootout.

      I was tempted by Philly today but they cannot be trusted with chalk right now.


      Chicago -.5 in reg @ -118 to win 3 units

      Preds are way too banged up to compete with good teams and the hawks have been very good vs them in chitown and I expect the hawks to continue that today. They are fighting for home ice so I dont see them having a let down after a couple flat games and finally turning it around against the blues.


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        jersey is just awful


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          yup. Elias sits out another one. I really question the toughness of the Devils honestly. I think they are going to be a first round out IMO.
          I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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            yeah I would agree with that ff, they look to be up against pitt if the standings hold up and the pens will destroy them


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              well they tied it up 2-2 so there's hope......still not a fan of the Devils making any noise and as you said, if they play PIT they will get ****canned.

              and hows about my PHI tonight....stake yourself to a 6-0 lead and then cough up 3 in the last 3 minutes of the 2nd period. i've never seen a team that struggles more to play a complete hockey game than the Flyers.

              And what's your take on Keenan? I don't know what he's doing but he's destroying that team day by day. Why in the world would you take Camellari off the Iginla line and put Bertuzzi on that line? They haven't been the same since and now NOBODY can score a goal on ANY line. He does way too much of that **** and it kills the chemistry. They can't generate crap for offense these days. Why on earth you would be juggling lines at this time of the year is beyond me. VAN will win that division and im glad to see it....can't stand Keenan.
              I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                devils got lucky with Halpern taking a stupid penalty which let them take over the game. Ramo throws the stick and it's gone downhill for the bolts ever since. 3-2 now hopefully it holds up and they can add to it.

                Philly is entertaining to say the least.

                I can't stand Keenan but I hate the flames so I love whatever he's doing to them right now lol. Vignaeult had a tendency to do the same thing with the canucks when a line struggled for a game or 2 he'd break them up, it was a constant complaint among canuck fans but since he's found magic with the lines as is he's left them alone. The way Iggy played with Cammelari it made no sense to break them up. You don't touch your lines when they're rolling, should be common sense. Vans got the easier sched coming down the stretch so I hope you're right, big game with the flamers coming up tho.


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                  useless devils take the lead twice and give it back twice, this ones gonna go to ot


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                    Oduya ******* blows, bad decision after bad decision with the puck, the devils blueline as a whole look clumsy and can't make a single d to d pass.


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                      brutal....hate those games...NJD get the win and 2 points and you get the shaft since they couldn't get it done in reg...:ohman:
                      I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                        Oh well, it sucks but at least it gave me a chance to really focus in on the devils and their playoff hopes. They are most definitely a fade team with that defensive corps.

                        chicago wins to offset some of the loss but still a down day

                        +3 - 5.4 = -2.4 units