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  • TheCaymanIslands
    started a topic Cam Ward

    Cam Ward

    Wasn't this guy suppose to be an amazing goaltender? Everyone was licking his jock before this series and the guy is giving up goal after goal!!!!

    Okay, and I said the above, dude lets in 2 goals in the last minute. Great job CAM!!!! POS.
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  • JohnnyMapleLeaf
    Well, the first 3 goals were not his fault, and were by two of the three best players in the league. The last 2 goals were essentially empty-netters with the game all but over.

    The Canes would have been bounced in each of their first two series without the stellar play of Ward in both of those series.

    Your comments are way off base IMO...the Canes are just not as good of a team as the was evident coming I said before game 1...Ward had to be unreal like he was in the first two just to keep this series from being a 4 game blowout sweep....and he has only been "OK"...

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