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    Took a short break after not doing so hot the last few plays. Saw a few I liked tonight, so gonna give it a shot...


    2 team ml parlay @ +112 - Washington & San Jose
    Edmonton +110

    2 units each

    Atlanta +165

    1 unit

    Carolina is 1-13-4 on the road, so just picking Washington to win outright should work with this being their final home game where they're 12-2-3 before heading to SJ and LAQ where they could easily lose one or both, so I'd think they don't overlook an opponent they should be able to beat tonight....and San Jose has double revenge against Phoenix so they won't be overlooking them or anything tonight either, and should give their best effort on home ice where they're 10-2-5. Liked the + odds to combine these 2 teams to both win.

    I thought Calgary was overrated for a while now, but kept getting burned going against them when I thought it was a good spot with come from behind wins, etc. Not following hockey the last week or so, I only noticed now that they seem to be starting their annual slide, and I may have missed some good opportunities to go against them. Hope I'm not jumping in too late.

    Atlanta also has revenge from last week's 5-4 loss @ home to NJ, another team who might be slightly overrated. Atlanta is a decent team with a winning road record, and I like the +165 odds enough to take a 1 unit shot there.

  • #2

    ytd 115-111 +4.49

    No idea why I'm making more stupid NHL plays. I guess I'll piss away my last 4.49 units here with these two and then be done for the year

    St Louis -120
    Dallas +125

    2 units each