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NHL sunday with flmmkrz

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  • NHL sunday with flmmkrz

    Locked in pitt @ -260 to win 1 unit in one of the early games.

    Still looking over the rest.

    I know its tons of chalk but the pens have been playing terribly and aren't going to overlook this philly team and definately not at home in pitt. The only way Philly wins is if they outwork this pens team and with the pens struggling and looking to get back to winning ways, I dont expect work ethic to be lacking in this one. If the pens are working hard, their talent level should make this one a cake walk. The flyers played a great game the other night to bump the slump so im not expecting an over the top effort from them. They're hard working but if the pens match intensity as I believe they will its pitts game to lose.

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    flmmz- GL!...i actually like PHI today for some reason. I know PIT has owned them but i feel a differnent energy form PHI.....i may play +1 1/2...don't know....
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      I know what you're saying ff, philly definately has a different vibe to them lately but in the end the better overall team needs to get its act together or risk losing out on more than possibly home ice advantage in the first round. Philly is a beatable team so they need to take care of them.


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        here's my other thoughts....

        Minny always plays us (van) tough and word is Backstroms in the pipes. Hard to go against this nucks team as they've risen to the occasion almost every opportunity in these so called statement games. Im pulling for my boys of course but im not on the game.

        Sharks without marleau and Hannan from the sounds of it. Turco seems to like the match up judging by his success against the sharks. I don't love either side enough to make a play.

        Canes/Thrash, the 2 most unreadable teams in hockey, im definately out but if theres a gun to my head im taking atl. The new additions seemed to add some life and the canes are a mess.

        Nash/Ana, gimme the ducks. Nashvilles freakin deep but Sullivan and Arnott have been monster performers for them and sounds like both are sitting this one out. What went from a 3 offensive line mismatch turns into 2 big lines and the ducks can hang with a 2 line team with the dmen they got. Divisional tilt up next with Detroit as well, and then off the one today. Bigger game for the ducks. I'm going to be locking this one in once I can confirm Jiggy is a go and not that putz Bryzgalov.

        ottawa/chicago - im not laying -220 on a road fave and im not taking chicago so I guess im not betting this game.

        Devils/Bruins - Tough not to take the devils here especially after they choked the game away to toronto a couple nights ago. If Brodeurs a go, it might be worth laying the chalk.

        Colorado/detroit - the avs are betting suicide, losing one day to a bottom feeder to beating up on cup contender the next. I told myself I wont bet on them anymore and while I like the wings im not touching it. Not that I see the odds out on it either tho


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          screw it, didn't wait as I got a feeling the lines gonna be moving on this one and just a gut feel they go with jiggy in this one ...

          Anaheim -135 to win 1 unit over Nashville for the reasons listed above.


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            Liking PIT aswell. :thumbs:
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              Locked in Jersey - 250 to win 1.5 units...

              Taking on some big time chalk today and I dont like doing that but liking both games. Word on the jersey boards is Gionta draws back in and Marty should be in the pipes. The devils have owned this match up in recent history but lost the last time these 2 met up when Clemmenson got the start. I doubt that loss is foremost on the devils mind but making up for the toronto blunder will be. They are rested while the bruins come in after a nice win over montreal yesterday. The rested team has a reason to be up for this game is getting back players who can help them is the better team and owns the match up it all just adds up to a play for me.


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                well flmmrz- nice result in the PHI game as we both took home some loot there....GL! with NJD.....
                I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                  Originally posted by FlyersFan View Post
                  well flmmrz- nice result in the PHI game as we both took home some loot there....GL! with NJD.....
                  Yup got lucky as I stopped watching after it was 2 nil cause I had some hockey of my own to play, came back to see the win, was a nice surprise. Glad to see we both got paid.


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                    How about those Canucks! Tough luck with the Devils...:bang:
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                      Originally posted by Benrik View Post
                      How about those Canucks! Tough luck with the Devils...:bang:
                      yup my boys stepped up again. They may not be the favorites going into the playoffs but they can't be counted out.

                      and yup the devils loss was unfortunate, got lucky in both the other games to come from behind so it could've been a lot worse.