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Women's Olympic Soccer 7/31/12

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  • Women's Olympic Soccer 7/31/12

    Today I'm going with Sweden to beat Canada. The Swedes will be out for blood after tying the Japan team. Today they will not get caught standing around. I see them pressing and attacking as much as possible as long as this goalie does not make a stupid mistake Like she can they should win by 2. Next pick is once again the USA they are just too powerful yes they already qualified but this team wants to be perfect and not lose a game this Olympics. Look for USa to hammer North Korea. Only chance N. Korea has is if they run them to death and get a lucky goal and the goalie has a great game. 3rd game today I'm picking is Japan in a rout of South Africa. Japan needs a win to move on and South Africa is what the doctor ordered. They should run and score them to death.

    Sweden over Canada ( L ) , USA over N. Korea ( W ) , Japan over South Africa ( L )

    Good Luck

    Women's Olympic Soccer
    5 - 2
    Men's Olympic Soccer
    1 - 1
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    Ugh...Two close loses today to finally ruin my undeeated streak in Women's soccer... Sweden blows it with 4 minutes left in game to let Canada tie it up , and Japan seemed lost and got a tie to one of the worst teams in the field...Oh well...


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      You're still hot! Keep them coming! I dont know diddlay about girls soccer and riding coat tails! GL!


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        Thanks Buzz. I will try to keep it up for ya... Good to know someone is following me! Thanks again!