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    Originally posted by AlexD View Post
    Hello GunnerX
    you use great information source !!!
    Good JOB
    Cheers mate ;) It's all about finding the right info ;)


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      I expect both teams here to be primarily focused on tight defense and this is why. For Odessa it’s their style of play, especially when they host big names like PSV today. Besides that they’ve got all three points in Zagreb and a draw here against one of the group favorites would suit them more than well.
      Odessa’s defense line is also impressive, in last five games on home turf they’ve allowed only one goal and this season no one was able to outclass them.
      On the other hand PSV will be focused not to lose today and coach Cocu prepared a tight, defensive lineup 4-2-3-1 with only one striker up front. The main reason for are absences of captain and first goalscorer Wijnaldum and important striker Park who are both missing this match as well as some defensive players so they decided to bring more stability to defense.
      I don’t expect too much goals today and the goal margin should stay under 2,5 goals.
      Bet: Under 2,5 goals
      Odds: 1.85
      BOL ;)


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        MLS Houston Dynamo - Kansas City
        Kansas won against Columbus with referee help and luck, but they did not look as good as in their previous few matches. Their front line is obviously shaken after they sold Kamara and coach Vermes is rotating a lot and trying different trios, but he still has not found a solution. Their defense and midfield are without best players Zusi and Besler (players that take all set pieces) so I do not see a phase of this match in which they could be better than their hosts who started playing better, are rested and have more players at their disposal.
        Home team win is a good option, as is that Kansas will not score a goal. But since the visiting team will not take any risk until they find themselves chasing the score, I recommend higher stake on a match without a draw. I think that the visiting team win, if there is no red cards and if some crazy situations do not develop during the match, is highly unlikely.

        Bet: Draw no bet
        Tip: 1
        Odds: 1.70

        BOL ;)


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          Last one was a money lost but now it's time to earn some ;)

          U21 DENMARK – U21 SLOVENIA

          Denmark and Slovenia showed that they want to play attractive football in their previous matches and I expect a similar approach by both teams today. Also, both teams played against a very solid Estonia under the margin, while the other two games they played went over the margin of goals scored. The home team can't count on their captain Vestergaard, which is a serious blow for their backline and I believe that the Slovenians can cause a lot of problems today. On the other hand the Danes will be boosted by the return of the excellent striker Falk, who already played for the senior national team and will make their attack even stronger.
          I believe that the right bet would be over on goals scored because a tie is not an option for both teams, who have been scoring a lot of goals lately and playing good attacking football.

          Bet: Over 2,5 Goals
          Odds: 1.80
          Good luck if you are following ;)


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            Yesterday was nice for us..U21's scored four goals total taking us over the margin of 2,5 goals ;) Hope Murcia can make us some money too with help of betprepare info :)

            MURCIA – GIRONA

            In an interesting match played in Jaen, not even two penalty kicks were enough for Murcia to break the hosts and extend their positive run, which ended after six games without a defeat. Their last loss before that one came at the outset of the season to current leaders Recreativo. Judging by that, this new defeat shouldn't disrupt the cogs in Murcia's machine, and we'll probably see them back to their normal selves in today's match. They will certainly not lack for motivation. Girona took seven points in its last three visits to the Nueva Condomina, but Murcia wasn't as good as it currently is, and now they are looking for payback. The fact that they are at full-strength for this match will help them achieve that and win another three points. Namely, coach Velasquez now faces a challenge of picking the first eleven from a number of quality players as the last absentee, midfielder Tete, returned into contention getting in from the bench in the last game.
            In the last week's derby Girona managed to win only one point. A small consolation for them, given that they won this point after two consecutive losses. Something is off on the pitch lately and coach Rodriguez is very much aware of that. Some changes are unavoidable as they are now far from the top of the table where they are planning to be in the end. Midfielder Timor, one of their best players, is still out, as well as defender Lopez.

            Bet: 1 (Home win)
            Odds: 2.30 (Pinnacle)
            GL mates ;)


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              SWEDEN - GERMANY
              Sweden, with their 20 point haul, can play hosts for this final qualifying game without any pressure whatsoever. Last week's win over Austria, or turnaround to be more correct, cemented their second place finish in the group. Today's opponents Germany are five points in front, and as Sweden can't overtake them, they have nothing to play for but prestige.

              Besides that, the hosts will be missing one important player, or it might be better to say crucial foward. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, their biggest star, is suspended for the match. First choice keeper Isaksson and defender Lustig have missed the last training session due to injury, and they probably won't play today.
              We have some doubts regarding the starting 11, and I still haven't made a final decision. We will miss Zlatan, he's a world class player. We can play the same as we have we played so far, but without him it will be a lot harder - coach Erik Hamren said, before commenting on the match against the heavily favoured German side:

              - We went into the matches against Germany in Berlin and Austria on Friday a bit too cautiously. However, I would be naive if I thought that we will see more of the ball than Germany today.

              Germany secured top spot in the group with a convincing win against Ireland. They have won every match but one, the amazing draw against Sweden, when they were 4-0 up, only for the game to finish 4-4. Low had this to say about today's game:

              - We don't want to experiment too much in our final qualifying match. The team are on a good run and we want to keep it going. We don't want to get even for the Berlin game, that's water under the bridge for us. The players have learned from that experience, and that's the most important thing.

              They will still be missing almost all of their Dortmund contigent, and forwards Klose and Gomez as well, but Schweinsteiger is ready to make his 100th national team appearance.

              Low is about to sign a new contract, which would run until 2016, so it seems that the German FA are going to place their trust in him for another qualifying cycle.

              BETTING PREVIEW

              Basing on this Betprepare preview everything is clear..Sweden will be without Ibrahimovic and Lustig and that will be a huge handicap for them since it’s their best striker and standard, most experienced defender who are missing this match. On the other hand Germany wants revenge for that 4-4 result back in Germany and Low already mentioned that he has no intention of experimenting so I expect away team to be at their best.

              Bet: 2
              Odds: 1.75


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                Been away on a little trip but got back right in time for Champions League :) Here's one Betprepare pick..seems like a very good option to me. What's your opinion? Cheers!

                PORTO - ZENIT
                Porto are almost always the favorites at their own stadium, but rating them at such ridiculous odds is going too far in my opinion. Zenit are playing some amazing football, they are stronger than ever, literally steamrolling over their competition in Russia, and only bad luck and referees' mistakes prevented them from getting more points in the Champions League. Even though Spalletti says this isn't necessarily a critical game, we need to be realistic and say that this is a do or die match for them. Not many would put pressure on an in-form team ahead of an important match, and Spalletti's statements are logical attempts to reduce it, as he believes his team can achieve their goal if they keep playing at their best. The only mitigating circumstance for them could be if Atletico secure their progress already after four games (which is very likely, as they have two games against Austria) and go into the fifth at Petrovsky with some reservations. But Zenit can in no way rely on that, especially as this would give Porto the same advantage in their sixth game away at Calderon. Therefore, Zenit must not lose today. Reasons to believe in Zenit's positive outcome are aplenty, and the potential key figure for many in this match is Hulk, who is in top form and he could easily wreak havoc in Porto's defense, which he knows very well. Even though I'm deeply convinced that Zenit will leave Portugal undefeated, due to excellent odds and Witsel's absence I will go for a more conservative option in the form of a +1 handicap, which would see our stake return if Porto win by one goal. I expected these odds on x2.

                Bet: Handicap -1
                Tip: 2
                Odds: 1.88

                BOL ;)


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                  We're on a winning streak once again..good luck to all following this one ;)

                  GENK –RAPID

                  Belgian Genk are in top form, both in their national championship and in Euroleague.Today they have a great chance to settle the issue of getting through the group after only three rounds, which will then enable them to turn their attention to the championship and further advance in ranking there. Rapid Vienna, a team with lots of ups and downs this season, are in their way. They are in constant trouble this season, conceding naive goals and getting injuries of their main players. Those details might be a big strength for Genk, who are unforgiving in their own stadium lately, and Rapid will hardly be an exception.
                  The home team will surely be in the offensive mood, trying to quickly score and break through the solid bunker of the Vienna team. Should they manage to succeed, they will have a much easier job in the rest of the game. Genk are technically a better team than Rapid, all their midfielders and forwards are individually strong on the offense, while with Burgstaller and the long injured Alar missing for Rapid the only creative force remaining is 34-year-old captain Hofmann. That would not suffice to parry Genk even in a home game, let alone away. This match smells like Genk dominating, with Rapid trying to defend and score from fast counterattacks. However, with all the weaknesses the Vienna team defense have displayed this year, the home team have a much better chance of achieving their goals and reaching a third consecutive victory that will verify their superiority in this group.

                  Bet: 1
                  Odds: 1.74 (Marathon)