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    <center><b>IF IT’S NOT BROKE, WHY FIX IT</b></center><p>
    <center><i> Posts Odds on the Who Will Leave the Indianapolis Colts Next</i></center><p>
    <u>March 21, New York</u> – Super Bowl XLI was nothing shy of a Cinderella story for all. It was the first Super Bowl an African-American head coach not only participated in, but came out victorious; it was Peyton Manning’s first Super Bowl appearance and victory, and one can see why Super Bowl XLI will be remembered through the years. So why are the Colts’ undergoing such aggressive changes in the off-season?<p>

    Since the victory in the biggest sporting event of the year, a variety of changes have been made to the Colts roster creating a “double take” effect around Indianapolis.<p>

    “The only thing constant in the NFL is change,” said Spokesman Reed Richards. “But this is a lot of change for such a successful franchise.”<p>

    With NFL fans watching closley, <a href="">Betus</a>, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds on who the next ex-Colt will be.<p>

    <b>Analysts at posted the following odds about the Indianapolis Colts’ next player departure:</b>

    Dan Klecko - 3/1<br>
    Aaron Moorehead - 4/1<br>
    Rick Proehl - 3/1<br>
    Mike Doss - 3/1<br>
    Payton Manning - 150/1<br>
    Field - 1/3<p>

    Additional sports and entertainment odds can be found at:<br>
    <a href=""></a>