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    <b>“Hair vs. Hair” – Wager Wrestlemania 23 at <a href=" =/tracking/banner/120x60/Football_Generic_5D120x60(01).gif&AffUrlID=80">5Di mes</a></b>

    San Jose, Costa Rica – March 28, 2007 – <a href=" =/tracking/banner/120x60/Football_Generic_5D120x60(01).gif&AffUrlID=80">5Di mes</a> is jumping into the squared circle to offer their customers new and exciting ways to wager. As usual, they have gone above and beyond when it comes to their wagering opportunities by posting odds on this Sunday’s highly anticipated Wrestlemania 23.

    Billionaire will be pitted against billionaire when Donald Trump, represented by Bobby Lashley will take on Umaga who is standing in for Vince McMahon. The loser of this “Hair vs Hair” match has much more at stake than their reputation, at the end of the match the loser will have their head shaved. Whether you’re pulling for The Donald or Mr. McMahon, you’ll get an extra thrill from cashing in when someone’s hair hits the mat.

    “Will The Donald get Trumped and become the newest bald billionaire? That is what everyone is talking about, and it’s sure to make this Wrestlemania even more intense,” said a 5Dimes spokesperson. “ We are expecting a large number of wagers on this particular match simply because it’s getting so much press.”

    <a href=" =/tracking/banner/120x60/Football_Generic_5D120x60(01).gif&AffUrlID=80">5Di mes</a> has also posted odds on the WWE Championship Match, John Cena vs Shawn Michaels and the World Heavyweight Championship Match, Batista vs Undertaker.

    Wrestlemania 23 is set to take place April 1, 2007 and you can catch all of the action live on pay-per-view. Log into 5Dimes today and get your wagers down on what are sure to be some of the most action packed, ego-centric battles of the century.

    Experience the new 5Dimes… new games, new wagering options, incredible odds, and amazing rewards. It’s Game Time at 5Dimes.


    <a href=" =/tracking/banner/120x60/Football_Generic_5D120x60(01).gif&AffUrlID=80">5Di mes Sportsbook & Casino</a>
    Phone: 1-800-305-3517
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    lol yeah no way donald trump loses his hair.....vince gonna be the one bald
    ****all plays 4.4 units to win 4 units unless otherwise noted****

    NBA 20-22 -16.8 units
    NHL 1-0 +4.0 units
    MLB 0-1 -4.8 units
    CFB 12-6-1 +21.6 units


    • #3
      Vince is one ****ed up guy. He will be bald and Im not stunned he wants to do it...
      NCAAF: 50-39-5 (+6.35 units)
      NFL: 36-35-6 (-2.00 units)
      NHL: 4-8-0 (-2.80 units)
      NCAAB: 7-4 (+1.75 units)


      • #4
        Anyone have a 5 dimes account that can post those lines for me?
        If it ain't fun, don't do it!


        • #5
          I don't think undertaker has ever lost at WM. Might be something in his contract? I bet they make him the champ one last time. I can't even remember when he last held the world title


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            WWE - Wrestlemania 23 - Battle of the Billionaires - Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan - PPV
            Sun 4/1 901 Bobby Lashley with Donald Trump -5000
            7:30PM (EST) 902 Umaga with Vince McMahon +2500
            WWE - Wrestlemania 23 - World Heavyweight Title - Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan - PPV
            Sun 4/1 903 The Undertaker -195
            7:30PM (EST) 904 Dave "The Animal" Batista +155

            WWE - Wrestlemania 23 - WWE Title - Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan - PPV
            Sun 4/1 905 Shawn Michaels -145
            7:30PM (EST) 906 John Cena +105
            NCAAF: 50-39-5 (+6.35 units)
            NFL: 36-35-6 (-2.00 units)
            NHL: 4-8-0 (-2.80 units)
            NCAAB: 7-4 (+1.75 units)


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              Thanks GM!

              I would guess its pretty obvious that Vince McMahon will go bald at WrestleMania! I think its intresting that both Shawn Michaels AND Undertaker are both favored in their matches.

              Other odds....

              Money In The Bank Ladder Match
              Randy Orton +200
              Edge +250
              Mr. Kennedy +300
              CM Punk +700
              King Booker +800
              Jeff Hardy +2000
              Fit Finley +5000
              Matt Hardy +8000

              US Title Match
              Chris Benoit -200
              MVP +170

              Women's Title Match
              Melina +130
              Ashley -150

              Grudge Match
              Kane -300
              Great Khali +240

              8-Man Tag Match
              ECW -160
              New Breed +130
              If it ain't fun, don't do it!


              • #8
                Yea, I have to say both champs being underdogs is surprising. Guess HBK and Taker will both have another title reign.

                Think it will be all chalk on Sunday when looking at the odds.
                NCAAF: 50-39-5 (+6.35 units)
                NFL: 36-35-6 (-2.00 units)
                NHL: 4-8-0 (-2.80 units)
                NCAAB: 7-4 (+1.75 units)


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                  How do they even have lines for the WWE? My old college roommates neighbor used to be (not sure if he still is) one of the program directors for the WWF and they had every story line planned out 1.5 years in advance he used to tell us.

                  There are plenty of people who know who will win every single match. This kind of baffles me, I have to say.


                  • #10
                    1.5 years, i doubt that but they have been known to change things last minute. I read somewhere that they have gone back and forth on who wins a few of those matches, especially the Taker match.
                    NCAAF: 50-39-5 (+6.35 units)
                    NFL: 36-35-6 (-2.00 units)
                    NHL: 4-8-0 (-2.80 units)
                    NCAAB: 7-4 (+1.75 units)


                    • #11
                      I wish I knew someone that worked for the WWE so I could know who is going to win a put my whole bankroll on it. now that would be the only sure thing you will ever get. it is funny you can better on a fixed event:laughing:
                      NFL 0-0 +0.00units

                      NCAAF 8-10 -9.20units


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                        Now I've seen it all....


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                          Originally posted by NittanyLions94 View Post
                          Now I've seen it all....
                          never would of thunk it


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                            birds if that ppv boxing card last weekend wasnt fixed,nothing is........


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                              ill take sky lo lo and little brutus for a buck:beerbang: