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Pinnacle Bounce a Cheque

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  • Pinnacle Bounce a Cheque

    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone had a problem before with Pinnacle? They just bounced a $2500 cheque they sent me.:lost:

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    Surely a processor issue. Pinnacle is loaded financially.

    They probably had the same processor as who decided to no longer deal with online gambling companies.

    I'll check around and get the scoop on the pinnacle situation and post here once I get the "real" word on whats up.

    Dont worry though, no way are they going out of business or are broke.


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      I am unable to locate any information about pinnacle bouncing any checks.

      Please contact them and find out what the deal is. We'd love to hear their response.


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        Here is there response.

        "Dear Sir,

        Our Accounting department advise us that you will not be required to send us a copy of your check.

        A new check has already been issued and you will receive a tracking number as soon as it is available.

        We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

        Kind regards,

        Customer Service Department
        Pinnacle Sports"

        I hope this one clears


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          Received the new cheque today and deposited it. Will post again in ten days if it clears or not.


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            I deposited the cheque 12 days ago and the funds are still there so it looks like it cleared.


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              Pinnacle is so rock solid I would not be worried. You're lucky you can still play there :P


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                this happened one other time many years ago and it was the banks fault for putting the wrong account numbers on the checks. More of the same is true here. Pinnacle is the last book in the world you have to worry about.
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