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Question regarding early lines

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  • Question regarding early lines

    Where would be the best place to go if I wanted to see the original line from Vegas on a football game? An example is the Miami/Florida game this week. Wagerline has the line opening at -23, yet Vegas Insider posted that the LVSC opened the line at -18.5. Scores and Odds had it open at -20.5. I understand that different books get on board at different times during the week, but there is a big difference between -18.5 and -23, and there's no way there could be that much movement in that game for it to have started at -18.5, moved to -23, and then settle at -21.5 or visa versa.

    So where can I find the original opening line from Vegas? Thanks for anyone who can help.

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    The Greek opens, sharps hit the openers, Pinny and CRIS adjust, then most other square books.


    • #3 shows the opener and the current as well as the moves to get from open to close.