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  • dont bet with

    they going to close soon i am told.

    beware :out:

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    told by whom, the tooth fairy?
    I've been with them for a few years, never have had a problem getting a check when I've asked for it. I lost a few bucks when Aces Gold went belly-up a few years back and since that time I don't keep much $$ at any of my outs so that if it happens again(and it will) I don't lose too much.


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      They have stopped taking "new" american/canadian customers.

      They have been a good book in the past, but we have stopped actively advertising them and would recommend that "just in case," you move to another book if your currently with them.

      Their likely either going to be sold (dont be surprised if bodog buys them) or ?.

      I doubt it'll be a screw job on anybody, but just to be safe I'd move to a book that has plans to continue dealing with americans/canadians.