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    Im hearing negative things about them and payouts.

    They've been a good book for quite some time but reduced vig offerings can back fire on you if your linesmaker isn't super sharp.

    Who knows if/what their problem is, but some credible folks are worried so I thought I'd pass it along that you either avoid them or w/d and stand on the sidelines for now.

    We've never advertised them before but thought I'd pass this along as I'd hate to see anybody get screwed.

    Speaking of late payouts, Im hearing that more and more people (mostly wire transfers) are starting to get paid from and their sister books. Their issue isnt a shortage of loot, its processor related. We expect them to rebound from the issue accordingly.

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    Sports Insights touts them as a good book, but I have never used them.

    Could just be financially motivated though (BetCascade pays S.I. in turn for promotion, or gives them free line feeds or something)....who knows.

    I really don't trust anything I hear or read about sportsbooks on the net unless it comes from what I consider a reputable source, or a source with nothing to gain by saying a book is good.

    Reduced juice books are a great tool to use to see where the money is really coming in though, cause they need to adjust sooner and more often than ones using a 20 cent line :beerbang: