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Question in regards to credit card funding

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  • Question in regards to credit card funding

    I have a question:

    I was told by 5dimes that in order to fund using my Credit card i would have to give up my identity lol i mean they are asking for:

    - credit card number front and back
    - ID card front and back
    -billing address

    Has anyone funded using this? I for one am not comfortable sending in vital info to an offshore business.. Is there another sportsbook that accepts CC with less hassle?? Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    The books are so paranoid about getting charged back, many require info to prove that it's not fraud should a player charge back on them. Gives them a leg to stand on when the bank comes saying "hey, this guy didnt make this transaction"

    If they have your id etc then it proves that it's not fraud.

    5Dimes is one of the oldest sportsbooks on the net. I understand your skepticism, but rest assured they are very solid. Never had even one complaint about them since 2001.

    On a sidenote, <a href="" title=""></a> doesnt require it up front, but may when it comes time to withdrawal.