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  • Need a new book

    Hey guys - I'm in need of a new book. Betus asks for a copy of a driver's license and both front and back of the credit card in order to process any payouts. Funny, they don't require that when making a deposit though!

    With identity theft, etc., and the fact that all of the books are offshore, once you give up that information, it feels like you have left yourself very, very vulnerable.

    What can't we have legitimate online books dammit! Good old George Bush (bastard!).

    Anyway, would appreciate any insight into your experiences...looking for a book I can trust. Would hate to give them all of my personal information and then in 3 or 5 or 10 years when the US finally sees the light (and potential taxation benefits of regulation), that my offshore book doesn't go about creating a mess.

    Sorry for the long post.
    If a guy doesn't have any gamble in him, he ain't worth a crap - Evel Knievel
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    Thats the process most bookies have.
    Nothing strange with that.
    I would recommend Pinnacle Sport, best odds in my opinion.


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      Pinnacle is great but doesnt take Americans anymore.

      <a href="">5Dimes</a> is currently tops on our list. Fastest payouts as well.


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        Yes, I like 5Dimes too, but they limit me, Pinnacle doesn't have the same low limits.


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          Yes 5Dimes is very good and on the up & up. I know the owner and he is a square shooter, and quick pays too.


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            Try <a href="">SBG Global</a>, the site will take your CC with no problem, Instead play after your CC gose through.

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