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  • Betus

    I wanted to give a quick plug for Betus for several reasons. Mainly the fact that they are a solid sportsbook when it comes to customer service and paying out.

    I had a 300.00 free play from the Toy Drive football contest and had no money in there at the time. I ran that up to about 7K and requested a payout of the max 5K 2 days after my 60 day rollover was up and i was not sweated at all. My payout was asked for this past Tuesday, Paid by them to their middle person on Wednesday and was in my account for withdrawl on Friday. 3 for 3 on very timely payouts on large amounts in the last year. Yes they give fishy lines sometimes to people that are often shaded by a point, but they offer about as much as anyone when it comes to totals, team totals, 1h, 2h, games etc.....and they credit the money to your account within minutes of a win as well. Plus everytime i have called customer service they are very helpful, speak good english and are very nice. Also the cost of a WD is very reasonable. I got charged 50.00 on a 5k payout (plus they will credit you to your account any fees or bank charges for the wire) and i have seen some books that will charge that for a 200.00 check. One kevin put up on this site and i looked at their payout price and it was like 80.00.....oyyvayyy..and that was on any WD.

    I would really encourage anyone who is not playing there and is looking for a new book to give them a shot. I have never been dicked around there and what more can you ask for when it comes to payouts, especially when you never put anything in in the first place. Plus they have a good mobil site per boiler for blackberry type access (much better than sportsbook per him). I will be depositing there for football and basketball season next year for sure as i am consolidating down to 3 books (, betus and still up in the air on the 3rd one. i have about 9 right now and some of them need to go

    They do a lot in terms of sponsoring contests on this site and hopefully people give them a look when it comes to depositing and playing. I know Boiler plays there and im sure some others do as well. Plus Erin is hot.....:beerbang::beerbang:
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    Nice run Flyers!


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      Good work Flyers, I am a huge fan of betus, though I haven't requested a withdrawal yet.

      Offtopic - and not to hijack your thread, but - does anyone see if they offer MLS lines? I am not seeing them in the soccer menu!
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        Deleted Post-
        Kevin already addressed in another post

        Also noteing that THIS thread is a year old
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