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Sports Interaction....horrible experience.

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  • Sports Interaction....horrible experience.

    So i'm not new to sports betting but online betting i've only been doing for a couple years now.

    I've been using and but decided i would check out a couple other sites and see what they've got going on...

    Saw an ad in someones post on this forum and it said something like "tired of sportsbooks not accepting mastercard or making it difficult to deposit"

    And then it said, try sports interaction.

    Well i figured i would give it a go. This was on Friday of last week, tried to use my regular debit card and that wouldn't work...which i figured so no big deal.

    Well since that didn't work i decided to try and use my bank account, entered everything they asked for and i 100% KNOW i entered the correct information, the only thing i was unsure of was the "City and State of bank" WTF is that about? How should i know what to put there...Fifth Third has banks all over the USA how am i supposed to know what to enter (and there was no help from them on that fact either, even asked live help)

    So my bank account got that was a little frustrating so i was like whatever

    Drove up to Amscot and purchased a $125 prepaid card, came home and tried to use that one...didn't work. Now i should have asked first but i just assumed it would so the amscot card was my fault.

    So i talked to someone on the phone and they told me that i need to go to Walgreens and buy a Green Dot prepaid card.

    So i did, drove up there and since it had to be paid in cash i used the ATM and took out the money i put on the Amscot card ($2.50 fee of course x2)

    Went home again, tried the green dot card, didnt work.

    So now i'm starting to get frustrated, i talked to someone on live chat and they told me that whoever told me green dot would work was has to be some Gift2Go card. Needless to say, shouldn't their employees KNOW what cards work and do not!?

    So i went back to Walgreens and looked for the gift2go card...couldn't find one anywhere.

    Decided i would give them one more try, so i called the 1800 number and told them the deal and they told me to go to a Walmart and get their prepaid card.

    Went to walmart and looked at EVERY card they had and luckily the last person i talked to told me the card HAS to be able to be used for international use, not just USA.

    And of course, NONE of the cards at Walmart can be used for international use, even asked the lady if they had cards they might have been out of, she said they have every card that Walmart offers.

    Now i'm pissed. I've been running around all day just trying to deposit money in a damn online gaming website! And still unable to do it!

    And so again i called the 1800 number and explained the issue, they told me basically i was SOL (not in so many words) i asked well what is the deal with my bank account and why was that not approved.

    Their answer..."only accounting department can handle that so there's nothing i can do for you pertaining to the bank account"

    They even told me they couldn't reset it and let me enter the banks home town, and also said that i have to wait until M-F when "accounting" is available.

    SO, all in all, horrible experience...i have never had such an issue with trying to deposit money into an online sportsbook.

    I've used probably 5 or 6 different sportsbooks in the past 2-3 years and this one is BY FAR the worst i have come across.

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    I was successful when I used my visa credit card. Have a Visa or just a debit card? and I know some poker sites used to take the cards like these.. that I got from Walgreens but I dont' think they do anymore. You'd have to ask around

    But again, I usually use 5dimes but I've tried sportsinteraction, sportbet, betus, bodog, and I think I've been able to use a visa card for all of them in the past. Good luck
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      Sorry to hear about your misfortune. We've advertised SIA for around 8 years and this is the first complaint I think I've ever heard. Hopefully you guys are able to get your checking account info squared away. From what I've heard, they're the easiest to deposit at as the ACH (checking account) option is super smoothe. Good luck!