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  • Need some advice!

    I am new to the forum and have been following you guys for about 2 weeks now. I hope to be able to capp as well as some of you soon. Quick question from a newbie, I have heard and read to stay away from teasers and parlays because they are "sucker" bets and just bet straight against the spread or the ml. However, my local book does not charge any juice on teasers or parlays, so should this change my strategies? I get 7 points for a 3 team tease and 10 points for a 4 team tease in Hoops and 10 for 3 team and 13 for 4 team in football. I am new to capping this as well and am getting crushed and need to speed up my learning curve. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!

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    My take on parlays is that it's hard enough to pick one game, much less 2-10.

    Juice is a non issue, irrelevant and a moot point if the "multiple winners" can't be attained.

    SUPER sharp players do well with teasers, but again, it's tough enough to pick one game much less 2+ games.

    If you're getting beat up on your picks, it might be time to adjust the way you handicap games (use different variables) and/or if you're REALLY bad, maybe fade your own picks (go the opposite way of what you originally like).

    There's an old saying in gambling that "parlays are the reason that bookies drive cadillacs". It's true!

    Now, to contradict myself (lol) there was this Mexican dude from San Diego that used to email me every week to share his parlay picks. I get tons of these kind of emails from guys who are "going to bust vegas" with their picks but this guy was incredible. Oddly enough, they were some of the most ridiculous picks/emails Ive ever gotten, but the guy was incredible.

    He would make a ten team parlay every single week of the nfl season. His picks were somewhat square (a lot of favorites and public plays). Every so often, he'd email and say "did you get down on my picks? i won AGAIN!" No ****, this guy would hit AT LEAST 2 ten team parlays every single year for about 3 years straight and then I never heard from him again.

    Now I'm not recommending that people go out and play big parlays, but I had to tell the story because it was incredible. Anything can happen. Maybe that's what attracts us all to this crazy hobby lol.
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      i agree that parlays are usually a suckers bet, your friend noted kev, but teasers can be a

      good bet if you dont go crazy on them. my preferance is straight bet 1st, totals second, if

      bets 3rd, teasers 4th and last parlays. i dont think ive ever bet a round robin so that

      would be last. youre always gonna pay the juice eventually so dont think about that when

      betting. you have to expect your picks to win, so play your picks based on who you think

      will win not on how much it'll cost.
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        I tell you what, I have been sports-betting daily for roughly three-four years, and though I don't parlay much (for reasons the fellas have listed above), I have only hit a handful of three-team parlays. No four-team or higher.
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          To me and I am no expert , I like betting only one play per day rather than 2 or 3.

          Kind of what they do here on this site