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  • Bet US Fact or Fiction?

    I would really like to know why this Bet Use has so much bad posting going on.

    I just read on this site some good reviews, yet S*R , gives them an F??

    It's hard to know who to believe, I really trust the Mods here though...

    But if you go to Cov**s lots of bad stuff done by posters, and at S*R, its pure hate!!

    I guess advertising dollars get good reviews at some sites?


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    We've only had one complaint from a BetUS player here in many moons and that was his own fault for having to jump through hoops after using his company credit card.

    As far as people keeping **** on the down-low relative to advertising dollars, our integrity is not for sale and our readers know loud and clear that if they have a legit issue with one of our advertisers that we step up to the plate.

    There are a handful of sites that are indeed sellouts. We aren't one of them.