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Another Indictment against Sportsbooks and Poker Sites

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  • Another Indictment against Sportsbooks and Poker Sites

    I wasn't sure where to put this but this seems good enough. Feel free to move this if there's a better place for the topic. I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that today there was another indictment against:

    so please keep everything in mind when deciding to keep funds online. I know you'd probably end up getting your funds back but once the government gets involved then it takes forever. I know from having money on Full Tilt and luckily I took all my money off of bookmaker a little while back. Just remember that the government has been taking a lot more action in the past few months so be careful.

    Here's the link to the indictment (sorry if I shouldn't be posting the link, guys)

    Operators of Internet Gambling Sites and Their Businesses Indicted for Running an Illegal Gambling Business And Money Laundering
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    According to the Baltimore Sun, banners notifying customers that the URLs have been shut down were expected to be placed on the sites sometime Monday. As of 6:15 p.m. ET, both and were both active, and several players have reported being able to sign in to their accounts.

    A representative from Bookmaker told that the sportsbook would continue doing business uninterrupted, albeit at a different location.

    “We have received various clients today with concerns about [the] news, but there will be no problem,” the representative said. “[Customers] can enter our new website, All your account information is there, you can use it the same way you used BookMaker. We have updated our domain and site and will gladly continue to provide service through this new one.”

    Needless to say, things are about to get pretty interesting.

    UPDATE (8:08 p.m. ET): It doesn’t appear that Diamond Sportsbook, owned by the same company as Bookmaker, will be changing its URL from a dot-com.

    A representative from Diamond said the sportsbook will begin using Customers will be able to access their accounts and view their balance as normal.

    As of right now, This domain name has been seized by ICE - Homeland Security Investigations— the sportsbook’s primary domain name — is still accessible.

    Effective Tuesday, May 24th, Bodog has a new address:

    The website and all of our services remain the same, only our
    home base has changed as we continue to expand into new markets.
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    Each play is to win the # of units posted unless it's a dog then I'm betting that amount.


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      These places should know better than to run visa/echecks through banks on north american soil.
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        this is bull ****. I have over 2 k in this beted account, and only reloaded because of the delicious 100% matched bonus they only started to offer days before going under. I just claimed a dispute with my bank because you know they took the money the day they shut down. I'm just fuming sorry, its just frustrating and I need my local to come back. bottoms up, f online books.
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          It's crazy how Bookmaker literally went unaffected by this. They had a new site up immediately, and are handling business per usual.

          Sad to see BetED fall so hard. Most people are saying the 100% bonus was a clear sign, and some called it even before the seizure.

          Bookmaker (Bmaker) is still the most solid option for US bettors IMO.
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            What I don't get about all this is how does the USA have the power to punish citizens living in Canada, Costa Rica, or any other country for that matter? How is that even possible?