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  • *** WARNING ***

    Folks, I just received this email alert a few days ago. I can't speak to the validity of it but for anyone with substantial funds at, you may want to pull some out.

    Rumors CONFIRMED: and its related sites ( and have been SOLD.

    There's been no word of to whom or what will happen next. As a private company operating in this space, that's certainly their right. Their CS reportedly denies a sale; we know for a fact that the principals from over the last six years have left the country or are no longer involved in day to day operations.

    This of course is not necessarily a bad thing. If they were purchased by a major outfit in the Philippines looking to enter the US market, they could return to their former strength (and maybe finally clear up that correlated parlay issue that continues to haunt them on the likes of SBR).

    On the other hand, if there has been a "management buyout," as has been heard, with limited cash available, their weak middle management will be using your deposits to try to find their feet and resume operations for the NFL season. This, after laying off over 50% of their staff, losing their former COO, ex-Bodog Aaron Gould, and seeing their CEO leave.

    With all of that up in the air, if you have a, or account, we recommend playing it safe and pulling your funds out now. Their CS line is 1-800-632-6088. There have been reports of very slow pay recently (see forum in particular on the subject.)

    You can always reload for football if things seem okay. (Demand a reload bonus!)

    IndustryAlert was started recently by a handful of players who got screwed over by sportsbook and poker recent closures. When any of our players from around the world get word of impending doom, we alert this network.

    We are a beer-fueled, anger-driven organization of volunteers who want to get the RUMOURS and the FACTS to you as quickly as we uncover them. We will not always be right (no one is in this game). We will only tell you as we see it. We will never request funds or information from you (your email address was acquired by us from various email lists "floating around," sorry about that but we had to start somewhere--and we believe this is NOT spam.

    We will of course honor your unsubscribe if you prefer to keep your head in the sand. and our apologies for contacting you this way. We felt it was important that you at least know. You can also follow us on twitter or be a fan on FaceBook to receive notifications that way (and it's mucho cheaper for us that way too).

    Good luck out there. We're trying to watch out for you--wish someone had for us!

    Industry Alert
    Calle 11
    San Jose
    Costa Rica

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    I received this email back in July also. Thought it might be legit.....even started looking for another option to replace (one of the books i currently use).

    Then just a week or two ago I received another email from these same people, saying even more potentially bad things about

    These guys claim to be unbiased and just looking out for "us", yet there was an ad to join/deposit at some other book at the bottom of the email :laughing:

    With that being the case, the validity of these people is in question at the very least, imho.

    Sounds like some F rated scam trying to "steal" business from and/or out and out rip people off who are already worried about the safety of their money offshore.


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      We had advertised them for years with no complaints.

      They're not fast at paying but they do indeed pay.

      You can't believe emails that you receive. They can be from disgruntled ex-employees, businesses who have managed to get their hands on the companies player list and then sends out an email trying to direct them to another place so that they can get credit for referring the player and so on. It's safe to say that about 99% of the emails you receive that are bashing other outfits are probably for the purpose of the sender making some sort of monetary "reward" lol.

      Note: We no longer advertise them as they have cancelled all of their advertising across the web other than properties they own.
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