Predictem welcomes <a href="" title="Island Casino">Island Casino</a> to it's list of ROCK SOLID online sportsbooks!

Island is part of the 5Dimes Group, which many industry insiders consider to be the best company in the online sports betting industry.

What you need to know about Island is that they offer the absolute best teaser odds on the web. If you're a teaser player, you've absolutely got to have this sportsbook in your betting arsenal or you're leaving money on the table every time you bet!

Note: The 5Dimes Group only allows clients to have one active account within their group, so if you have an acct at 5Dimes or Sportbet, you're not able to have an Island account.

Lastly, when you sign-up, you get a choice to take a bonus or reduced odds. While a bonus may sound dandy, the reduced odds option will actually make you more money. A bonus is temporary and will go away in short time. Reduced odds is a gift that keeps on giving!

<center><a href=" rlID=1932" target="_blank"><b>Click here to sign up at Island Casino!</b></a></center>