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  • Your Approach To Wagering

    Who here knows the difference between a sports gambler and a sports invester?

    Answer will follow your repl:beerbang:ies.

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    A sports gambler:

    - on his fav. teams
    - with his heart
    - doesn't handicap games
    - chases losses
    - doesn't exercise prop money management
    - plays too many games
    - bets at ****ty bookmakers with bad odds
    - chases bonuses instead of playing at good shops

    A sports investor:

    - knows that the bookies are forced to put out a line on every game and he can pick and choose his spots
    - bets less than 5% of his bankroll on any one game
    - shops for the best line/odds
    - bets at reduced odds
    - doesn't chase losses
    - doesn't let emotion affect him
    - watches as many games as he can
    - has no social life!


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      A sports gambler fails to recognize the folly of his pursuit. While the sports investor on the same pursuit, believes that he has a system which will yield different results.