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5dimes - what a f'n joke

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  • 5dimes - what a f'n joke

    Tried to do a FREE withdrawal today from 5dimes, which of course is only possible mondays from 9am-1pm EST (ridiculous), and got the run around for over 2 hours from 4 different members of their outstanding customer service team about having to submit this, verify that, etc.

    Never got the withdrawal submitted, now they want to charge me 80 bucks because it's after 1pm est.

    80 bucks to send me a f*cking check? Up yours 5dimes.

    Now i have to wait till next monday.

    Hence the reason I call them a joke.

    So these a$$holes only allow free payouts for 4 whole hours on a day when most people aren't even home to complete the request. not only that, the request apparently has to be submitted via a "live help" person, not the online processor or it still tries to charge the 80 bucks. On top of that i had to send 4 verification documents via email, and when i didn't do it in a 6 MINUTE span, they cancelled my w/d and made me start over again.

    I HAVE withdrawn from them before too, so they should have had this info.

    Bottom line (imho), they don't want to give free payouts, and make it a pain in the dick as much as possible.

    Thought i'd put this out there just so people can make an informed decision on where to play, if any of this is an issue.

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    Bulls**t dude.

    But I love those 5-cent baseball lines!


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      haha I love their lines too.


      got the payout requested today, simple as can be this time.

      I think the idiot cust service person I talked to last time was as much or more of an issue than the process itself (which I still think is a little stupid), because the guy today had no problem putting the request thru for free in about 15 minutes total.