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Boxing - April 7

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  • Boxing - April 7

    Why is there no line for Corrales vs Clottey? What the hell...

    Taking Calzaghe vs Manfredo Jr. Over (7.5Rds = -160), just don't know for how much yet.

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    Came out today...

    Joshua Clottey vs Diego Corrales
    Joshua Clottey -250
    Diego Corrales +230

    It's getting to me more and more that my local won't take boxing bets that aren't on this one particular site he goes off of. Hopefully that site will post them before the fight.

    I like Chico at +230 on this one.

    Diego starves himself to make 140. Should be very comfortable for his first fight at 147.

    Clottey will be hitting the canvas on this one.


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      Put 1.6 to win 1 on the Over 7.5 for Calzaghe vs Manfredo


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        v3 im on it:beerbang:


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          Where is the Manfredo Jr fight taking place

          if you don't mind?
          Keep em in the hole, Down in the hole


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            willie i think its in wales


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              Originally posted by EddieP View Post
              willie i think its in wales

              Manfredo Jr is way out of his CLASS here if you ask me .. No power from him whatsoever IMO and he seems to get tired real fast IMO... anyway good luck tonight ...

              i will be real surprised if Manfredo Jr goes the distance here
              Keep em in the hole, Down in the hole


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                willie ,something is up this line opened at -2200 now its down to -1000...........i dont care who wins as long as it goes 7.5 plus rounds:beerbang:


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                  Neither of them have ever been KO'd, and Calzaghe is no knock out artist either. He punches in bunches.

                  Manfredo to fight the fight of his life, I'm pretty sure he worked hard on his conditioning. Going the full 12 is a victory in itself and he knows this.

                  I think it should go over 7.5 easy, unless Joe gets a hometown early stoppage.


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                    Chico (+190)
                    1 Unit To Win 1.9


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                      Corrales, Clottey make weight!
                      Three-time world champion Diego "Chico" Corrales and world-ranked welterweight contender Joshua Clottey each weighed in officially Friday at 149 pounds for their 10-round nationally televised fight on Saturday in Springfield, Missouri.
                      Friday, April 6 2007

                      Calzaghe, Manfredo make weight!
                      Joe Calzaghe weighed in at 168 lbs and Peter Manfredo weighed in at 166 lbs for their HBO-televised showdown tomorrow in front of 35,000+ at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.
                      Friday, April 6 2007


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                        v3 i need them both:beerbang:


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                          I really don't see what they see in Clottey to make him a 2-1 favorite. I really just don't get it. He looked really good against Margarito, OK, and? Margarito fractured his hand in the 3rd round, did people forget?

                          Chico looked bad against Casamayor, but he was eating ice chips for 2 days just to make weight, and STILL came in over the first time around. He just couldn't make 135 anymore.

                          The biggest problems people have going up in weight is the power and speed.
                          1) Will Corrales bring power to the 147 division? Yes, easily.

                          2) Will Corrales be able to hanlde puches from someone being 147. Yes. Mayweather dropped him a couple times back in 1999, and Castillo knocked him out after Castillo came in over weight and Diego once again starved to make weight and was completely dehydrated. Other than that, his jaw is above average and very far from being glass.

                          3) Will he handle the speed? He's not the quickest in the book, but he isn't slow either. Averge speed, but great length. Clottey is not fast, he is accurate. His shots land, but you can see them comming. Just like Tsyzu (even though Tsyzu is light years ahead of him in accuracy), but point being he is accurate but you can see them comming.

                          I just can't figure out why he is the dog in this fight. Clottey has some sick combo's but Chico is going to crush his right hand into Clottey's face all night long.

                          That's how I see it going down, and I am not even a big Corrales fan.

                          What I am mostly looking for is how in the hell is Clottey a 2-1 favorite and I guess let's just see what happens Saturday night because this just doesn't make any sense to me.
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                            Boxing Expert Predictions Are Out
                            Out of 23 experts

                            Calzaghe vs Manfredo
                            6 on the Under, 17 on Over.

                            Looks good!!!

                            Corrales vs Clottey (check this out!).
                            11 on Corrales
                            11 on Clottey
                            1 on the draw.

                            Right down the middle. I've never seen this before.

                            Quote from a site:
                            "All things being equal, if they are, then at nearly 2-1 (man-to-man) Diego represents real value for money. If we were betting this fight, which we are not, we'd jump all over Corrales."

                            I think we made the best choices here, by far.
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                              Horrible outing for me.

                              At the end of my bets Friday and Saturday I broke dead even, not a penny more or less.

                              Just need to pick up from where I left off. I know boxing better than any other sport, but it still remains to be the hardest to cap in my eyes.