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    I dont know Blazer, Chris Leben really needs this win and he should be able to K.O. Kalib. The thing about Kalib that bothers me is an article on the UFC website. He basically talks about how fighting isnt really that important in his life?
    UFC® : Ultimate Fighting Championship®

    I dont know, maybe I took the article the wrong way. I got the impression that he views MMA as his current lifestyle and he could easily walk away to pursue much more important stuff? I just seriously doubt his heart and commitment to the sport. If you saw the Ultimate Fighter series when he was on it, he basically quit in the middle of the fight saying his rib was broke? Even the coaches said he was full of it and he should of kept going. I just dont like seeing a fighter quit regardless of what happens in the cage. I think he might be able to submit Leben but if those guys bang, Kalib is going to sleep. Just my opinion, good luck!!

    I guess it wont let me post the link, so go to the UFC site and check it out, its on the second page of recent news.
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      ANYBODY know where we can see video of the whole weigh ins?? ESPN has the video of Chuck and Rampage on their site but i really wanted to see the rest of them as well. Usually the UFC site has them but not this time? Maybe later.... If anyone has found the entire video, I would love to see it.
      THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!


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        Originally posted by BlazerAndy View Post
        back up to 175 on sportsbook
        5dimes it's at 195
        184 on Pinnacle

        Can't WAIT for this fight. Definitely putting money on Chuck and thinking about a 2 parlay with Chuck and Kalib Starnes over Chris Leben. Any opinions on that one?
        What book is allowing parlays...

        Rampage and terry martin are the 2 best dogs to bet on... in my opinion. James Irvin is good as well, thiago silva is a favorite cause of his name lol. I'm telling you guys, I've never felt so good about an underdog. I just don't see Rampage losing, I personally can't wait for this fight, I've wanted to see the rematch forever. Apparently Dan Henderson or Shogun is going to challenge the winner of the fight tommorow night!

        no1mike - The video was on I watched it earlier.

        Btw, Mike Sloan is generally accepted as the worst writer on Sherdog by far, some of things he has said before should've got him fired they were so ridiculous. Josh Gross picked Rampage, and his reasoning was very similar to mine.

        I am so mad I didn't put 100 on rampage when I had money in my bookmaker account a couple weeks ago, and he was at +240. :bang: :bang:
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          Down to 165 on sportsbook
          You're right Yukon I don't think they'll let me bet a parlay. I may put a bet down that the fight won't go more than 2 rounds and hope for a knockout either way to cover my ass.
          “So back during college basketball season my buddy Shecky tells me he’s got this system. He says it’s an absolute lock when you have this combination: Big East team, on the road, given less than 6 points with a white point guard.” ---Artie Lange in Beer League


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            Yea Yukon, WTF! our only hope is that some late money comes in on chuck and shoots the line back up? Dont see it happening though. I just dont want to bet now (seen it at +135) and have it go back up and cost me money. Oh well, thats part of the fun of gambling huh? trying to catch that line just right.

            Thanks for the tip on the video, I must have just missed it.


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              I'd say 80% chance the fight goes past the 2nd round. Neither of them are gonna get KO'd in my opinion. WHEN Rampage wins, its going to be him on the ground over chuck doing some aggressive GnP, and big John is gonna come in and make the stoppage. I'd say this happens in the 3rd or 4th round when Chuck will be more tired.

              I'd say there is a 15% chance Chuck KO's Quinton. Rampage took 20 knees (before he finally got KO'd) from Wanderlei which is alot more damage than Chuck's punches.

              I'm telling you guys, tommorow is Quinton's night. At least risk 1 unit.... I've tailed others in such sports as baseball. Someone tail me! haha


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                Update Lines Continue
                UFC Fighting Spread Money Line Total Points Team Total Points
                UFC 71 - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada - PPV
                Sat 5/26 251 Quinton Jackson +160
                11:15PM (EST) 252 Chuck Liddell -185
                Sat 5/26 253 Jackson/Liddell goes 5 rnd distance +720
                11:15PM (EST) 254 Fight won't go 5 round distance -1125
                Sat 5/26 255 Jackson/Liddell starts round 5 +400
                11:15PM (EST) 256 Fight won't start round 5 -600
                Sat 5/26 257 Jackson/Liddell starts round 4 +190
                11:15PM (EST) 258 Fight won't start round 4 -270
                Sat 5/26 259 Jackson/Liddell starts round 3 -125
                11:15PM (EST) 260 Fight won't start round 3 -115
                Sat 5/26 261 Jackson/Liddell starts round 2 -290
                11:15PM (EST) 262 Fight won't start round 2 +210
                Sat 5/26 265 Jackson wins inside distance +185
                11:15PM (EST) 266 Not Jackson inside distance -225
                Sat 5/26 267 Jackson wins by 5 rnd decision +1760
                11:15PM (EST) 268 Not Jackson by 5 round decision -3520
                Sat 5/26 269 Liddell wins inside distance -145
                11:15PM (EST) 270 Not Liddell inside distance +125
                Sat 5/26 271 Liddell wins by 5 rnd decision +1315
                11:15PM (EST) 272 Not Liddell by 5 round decision -2200
                Sat 5/26 273 Jackson/Liddell draw +9000
                11:15PM (EST) 274 Fight not a draw -18000
                Sat 5/26 275 Q.Jackson wins in round 1 +585
                10:15PM (EST) 276 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 277 Q.Jackson wins in round 2 +825
                11:15PM (EST) 278 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 279 Q.Jackson wins in round 3 +1300
                11:15PM (EST) 280 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 281 Q.Jackson wins in round 4 +1700
                11:15PM (EST) 282 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 283 Q.Jackson wins in round 5 +2400
                11:15PM (EST) 284 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 285 C.Liddell wins in round 1 +325
                11:15PM (EST) 286 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 287 C.Liddell wins in round 2 +480
                11:15PM (EST) 288 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 289 C.Liddell wins in round 3 +700
                11:15PM (EST) 290 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 291 C.Liddell wins in round 4 +1050
                11:15PM (EST) 292 Any other result -9999
                Sat 5/26 293 C.Liddell wins in round 5 +1600
                11:15PM (EST) 294 Any other result -9999
                UFC 71 - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada - PPV
                Sat 5/26 353 Josh Burkman +255
                10:00PM (EST) 354 Karo Parisyan -310
                Sat 5/26 361 Burkman/Parisyan goes 3 rnd distance -190
                10:00PM (EST) 362 Fight won't go 3 round distance +150
                UFC 71 - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada - PPV
                Sat 5/26 455 Terry Martin +140
                10:00PM (EST) 456 Ivan Salaverry -160
                Sat 5/26 457 Houston Alexander +400
                10:00PM (EST) 458 Keith Jardine -500
                Sat 5/26 459 Kalib Starnes +205
                10:00PM (EST) 460 Chris Leben -245
                Sat 5/26 461 Alan Belcher +120
                8:00PM (EST) 462 Sean Salmon -140
                Sat 5/26 463 Carmelo Marrero +230
                8:00PM (EST) 464 Wilson Gouveia -270
                Sat 5/26 465 James Irvin +175
                8:00PM (EST) 466 Thiago Silva -210
                Sat 5/26 467 Jeremy Stephens +285
                8:00PM (EST) 468 Din Thomas -345


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                  yukon both 5dimes and betus allow parlays........... not sure if im even betting tonight,, no cash in my account,and im not crazy about going to wall mart to send money........


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                    Damn, those are good books then... I thought betcris was the only book that allowed them for mma (besides SIA which allows everything to be parlayed lol), but now cris has stopped offering them.

                    Those props are insane too... I know sites used to offer props on MMA but stopped doing it. Rampage in the 3rd or 4th round is DEFINITELY worth the bet.

                    Karo/Burkman not going 3 round distance is also worth it at +150. Very cool props!


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                      yukon betus im sure will have o/u for all the fights too........i need about a 6 fight parlay:beerbang: gonna depo right now with betus


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                        hell no o/u yet Game Note: UFC Light-Heavyweight Championship
                        Sat 5/26 104 Josh Burkman +200
                        11:00PM (EST) 105 Karo Parisyan -260
                        * Game Note: Welterweight Matchup
                        Sat 5/26 107 Keith Jardine -500
                        10:00PM (EST) 108 Houston Alexander +350
                        * Game Note: Light Heavyweights
                        Sat 5/26 110 Thiago Silva -260
                        8:00PM (EST) 111 James Irvin +200
                        * Game Note: Light Heavyweights
                        Sat 5/26 113 Sean Salmon -145
                        8:00PM (EST) 114 Alan Belcher +115
                        * Game Note: Light Heavyweights
                        Sat 5/26 116 Wilson Gouveia -280
                        8:00PM (EST) 117 Carmelo Marrero +210
                        * Game Note: Light Heavyweights
                        Sat 5/26 119 Din Thomas -350
                        8:00PM (EST) 120 Jeremy Stephens +250
                        * Game Note: Lightweights
                        Sat 5/26 122 Ivan Salaverry -165
                        11:00PM (EST) 123 Terry Martin +135
                        * Game Note: Middleweights
                        Sat 5/26 125 Chris Leben -260
                        10:00PM (EST) 126 Kalib Starnes +200
                        * Game Note: Middleweights