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  • wednesday college hoops

    BEST BETS (41-33)(+14.20 units)
    STRONG PLAYS (33-33)(-6.60 units)
    REGULAR PLAYS (72-56)(+12.60 units)
    MONEY LINE PARLAYS (2-2)(-3.60 units)

    OVERALL (148-124)(+16.60 units)

    Finally a really good night. This was way overdue. I went 6-1 picking up 10.90 units last night. I won both best bets, both strong plays and won two of three of my regular plays. With my units down below ten, I was thinking about hanging it up and finishing my season on the plus side. I personally love the tourney, but I think it is very hard to handicap. It reminds me of all those early December matchups where anything can happen. I will cross that bridge when I get to it. On to Thursday’s action.

    Auburn -2.5 vs Georgia (best bet)………………Auburn is the better team at 14-13 vs 12-15. Throw in the fact that Georgia is really bad on the road at 1-9 and we should have a winner. Auburn is not the typical great home team at 9-7 that I like to play, but this is still a play for me.

    Seton Hall +2.5 vs Syracuse (best bet)……………..Two very equal teams with an identical 17-12 record. Now lets look at the home/away record and that is where we find our winner. The Hall is 11-4 at home, and Cuse is only 3-6 on the road. Throw in the fact we are getting them as a dog and I hope to have another best bet winner.

    Vanderbilt -4.5 vs Mississippi St (strong play)…………….Hard to pass up a solid team like Miss St and the points. Miss St is 20-8 overall and a very solid 8-3 on the road. As good as they are, Vandy is better with a great 24-5 record and they have not tasted defeat at home this year at 18-0. Vandy could blow them out tonight.

    Baylor -3 vs Texas A&M (strong play)……………Two very good teams again, equally matched… the Aggies might even be better than Baylor. Once again if you look at home/away it tells the story. A&M is only 3-5 on the road while Baylor is 12-4. That is good enough for me.

    Florida Atlantic -5 vs Florida International (regular play)………….In short Atlantic is 10-5 at home while International is 1-10 on the road. Only a regular play because I know nothing about these two teams.

    That is all for today. Working my night tonight, so got all of these posted real early today. Good Luck Everybody!!

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    GL today Mark.....unfortunately for you I'm on Auburn too!:thumbs:
    Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew: