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    Originally posted by budfoxx View Post
    Who cares, this **** is gona be on pti/ath and sportscenter for the next 3 damn weeks....the media and everyone else needs to get over it. God, so a little blood was shed, so what, this is competitive sports, hansbrough shouldn't have even been in the game with 17 seconds left. I definately overstimated the ability of the Duke girls team, they are really pathetic and definately don't deserve to be within the top 20.
    I hate wen poeple use the excuss "he shouldnt even have been in the game" How does that condone wat happened. Wither it was him or some walk-on being smashed in the face with an intentional flying elbow wat does it matter that a player like Hansbrough was still playing. Im just lost for words wen it comes to that saying. So any star player still playing the last minute is fair game then is that what everyone emplies when they say he shouldnt have been playing.

    P.S. budfoxx im not calling you out on this your post was just the last one and used it as an example that was said about 3 or 4 times at least in this thread
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