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    Originally posted by Stifler's Mom View Post
    Plus, use the public percentage and line moves to look for reasons WHY plays look too easy to the public, yet the line may be holding steady or moving opposite the public.

    :uhu: I try to set my own lines before see them, & look for reasons as to why they may have added/less value. In the past I relied on fading the public a bit too much, like JoePa said you still gotta call em like you see em
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      Originally posted by V3r1f13d View Post
      How anyone here doesn't consider themselves to be a part of the public baffles me.



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        Tonight, if you had blindly faded the "public" on any NBA play over 60% on one side (based on, you would have played:

        Sacremento +14 (LOSS)
        Indiana +2 (WIN)
        Toronto -3 (WIN)
        Philly -5 (WIN)
        Boston +9 (LOSS)
        Cleveland -11 (WIN)
        Detroit +6 (WIN)
        3 other games in progress


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          i used to run a system for nfl games. If you tease the opposite of all the teams being bet at 65% and over it hit at over 70% for 2 straight seasons. I dont have the hard evidence because my computer recently crashed, but i tracked it and recorded the plays for those 2 seasons.