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UNREAL: High stakes internet poker scam!

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  • UNREAL: High stakes internet poker scam!

    I'm at loss for words. Read the article.

    Allegations that cheaters manipulated the software powering a leading Internet poker site so they could see their opponents' hole cards have triggered a $75 million claim against a Canadian company, has learned.

    The alleged subterfuge on — one of the 10 top poker sites — is the biggest known case of fraud targeting an Internet gambling site and its customers, according to the company that owns the site. It is similar to a case of cheating that occurred last year on UltimateBet’s sister site,, but this time the thieves ran the scheme for far longer — at least from January 2005 to January 2008, it said.


    See the thread on the 2+2 poker forum that broke the case.


    The yellow data point in the upper-right corner is the accused NioNio account

    Some facts about the scatter plot image that was posted on January 9th:

    * There are 870 “normal” accounts from a variety of sites and limits.
    * Each of those other accounts has at least 2,500 hands logged on them.
    * The graph expresses big blinds won/100 hands. BB/100 represents the total winnings, expressed in number of big blinds at the stakes being played, that each player won per one-hundred hands that they played.
    * The mean BB/100 win rate in the sample is 1.528 BB/100.
    * The standard deviation is 14.08 BB/100.
    * NioNio is winning at approximately 10 standard deviations above the mean.

    You can also watch the hands played out on a video replayer that was uploaded onto youtube.

    YouTube - Absolute Poker Superuser "POTRIPPER" Cheating (Part 1 of 4)

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    It finally got some national attention! :thumbs:

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      That 60 minutes won't help online poker :(
      Overall Records

      Each play is to win the # of units posted unless it's a dog then I'm betting that amount.


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        Originally posted by wsox08 View Post
        That 60 minutes won't help online poker :(

        It won't hurt either! :thumbs: It's still good, ya just gotta comprehend , and know when to walk away! :beerbang:


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          I've heard rumblings that California is going to make a run at legalizing online poker and if that goes other states will likely follow.

          Good things to come in the online gambling front within the next few years. I think the worst has passed. Unfortunately sports betting is still frowned upon though.


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            Thankfully anyone who was affected by the cheats got a full refund!

            ~Per 2+2 poker forums.
            2010 NFL Football

            1-0 +$1,000

            2010 NCAA Football

            1-0 +$1,500


            68-16 +$18,429.12

            2010 WORLD CUP

            25-10 +$17,964.62


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              First online gambling to be state run will be poker. It is going to make another mad wave of players. The numbers will be sick.
              College 52-42 +560 (56%)
              NFL 19-23 -550 (45%)
              last update (7:19 AM 11/29/15)


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                it's amazing to me that these people are smart enough to create a program that allows them to see everyone's cards, yet not smart enough to realize the sites can track these numbers? I can't help but wonder what took this poker site so long to realize what was going on here.

                I actually wouldn't be surprised if alot more people were doing this, but on a much smaller scale, in other words, more intelligently. Winning almost every hand you play, is obviously not an intelligent way to cheat, lol

                If you're in a real money game and someone never folds pre-flop, even after raises, if you ask me they are either a) stupid or b) cheating. All you have to do is watch for a while to figure out which one it is....


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                  Originally posted by Stifler's Mom View Post
                  If you're in a real money game and someone never folds pre-flop, even after raises, if you ask me they are either a) stupid or b) cheating. All you have to do is watch for a while to figure out which one it is....
                  If you're cheating, you're not going to play every hand (especially when you can see everyone's cards) - you're going to win mostly every hand, not play every hand. If you're cheating AND playing every hand then you're (a) a ******* moron, and (b) cheating.

                  I saw the story on 60 Minutes a couple weeks ago, and have to say I'm not shocked at all. ANYTHING done over internet/computer can be manipulated if someone tries hard enough and is technologically savvy enough.