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  • Did you see that???

    I thought I'd start a thread that we could all participate in noting all the weird/unusual cool things that go on in sports. I'll start it with...

    Did you see the Rice coach KNEE Baylor QB Robert Griffin when he flew out of bounds on the Rice side of the field.

    What a f'n cheap shot!
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    Kevin, that was totally unbelievable. Didn't see a penalty flag, but that guy ought to be banned from the sidelines...throw that christian to the lions, er, bears as the case may be.....
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      tonights South Florida @ Pittsburgh.

      Pitt RB Graham just caught a pass one-handed, but the most impressive thing was he immediately tucked it into the "fumble-protection/four points" cradle, hand, elbow, armpit... all in one motion, and one-handed.

      "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
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        I watched sports center for hours and they never showed this clip

        Video: Romo brushes off Jerry Jones on Cowboys sideline - Shutdown Corner - NFL*Blog - Yahoo! Sports

        To me, best highlight of the week
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          Boy Stops Robbery: Turkey Jewelry Shop Heist Stopped By 12-Year-Old (VIDEO)


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            This poor camera man!

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              LaMichael James arm injury in the Cal - Oregon game....

              LaMichael James arm injury (Cal @ Oregon - 10/6/11) - YouTube
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                Race car driver saves other driver...

                Racer saves competitor from burning car |


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                  Hoosiers punter kicks line drive punt into the back of a blocker. Can't say I've ever seen that before!


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                    Bret Bielma/pathetic play calling

                    At the end of the Ohio State loss (Go Buckeyes!), Wisconsin gets the ball at their 40 with 20 seconds left after the kickoff rolls out of bounds. Instead of trying to gain 15 or so and then try the hail mary, he just immediately starts trying to throw the hail mary, which is about 15 yards more than Russell Wilson's (over-rated) range. Thanks, Bret, for helping make Ohio State's homecoming a sweet one.


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                      I was going to ignore this post at first, since I can clearly tell you are just baiting me and other Wisconsin fans into a reaction.

                      But for the record, it's B-I-E-L-E-M-A for one.

                      And two, he doesn't call the offensive plays. That would be coordinator Paul Chryst's job. Chryst was one of my coaches in college and is one of the best in the game. The Dallas Cowboys tried to hire him away last season and even offered him 3-million or so (rumored) reasons to take the job, but he chose to stay in Madison because his daughters all go to school there and he grew up as a Badger (and played QB there too).

                      Just thought you might like some facts for your argument next time. But I know how things like facts cloud Browneyes fans minds sometimes.

                      Nice win, it made Ohio State's season for sure. Certainly payback for when they beat OSU as No. 1 last year.


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                          Joe Kapp, still fighting like a Minnesota Viking!
                          That was some punch....

                          How about this Boston HS team who was flagged for a celebration penalty in a state championship after scoring what they thought was the winning TD!

                          Raised Arm Costs Football Team the Win - YouTube
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                            Sorry, Badger, about the slow response. I tend to ignore your posts, as you have lost me a ton of money in the past. I could care less who exactly calls the plays for your favorite team. Bret Bielshma is the head coach, so the blame falls on him at the end of the day. As far as your ex high school coach goes, you have to admit that was bad play calling. They had time to move the ball further down the field, so that the hail mary was actually do-able. It would have been funny if the hail mary would have worked, because that would have left Wisky about 15 yards short, due to Russell Wilson's weak ACC arm. Maybe you should have followed your first instinct, and not responded with your lame, name-dropping post. Those are the facts as I see them.

                            By the way, Badger, for the record. You're the one who made it personal. I made a general post in a general discussion thread about what I saw as bad play calling in a game I watched. You then responded with some idiotic comment about Browns fans, and how we can't see facts, or some stupid s*** like that. I'm not on here for conflict, but I sure won't run away from it. You should spend more time handicapping, which you are horrible at, and less time typing comments to anyone who dares say anything negative about your favorite team.
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                              Thank you for the kind words 419.

                              You're right, upon re-reading my post it is a little snippy. Sorry.

                              Your problem with me started when I dared to call you out for smoking too much dope when making that comment that Wilson was the fifth-best QB in the Big Ten. It was ridiculous, and I jokingly told you so. But then that made me your target, which I regret in hindsight. Not only did you post in here about the Wisky loss, which I thought was baiting me and other known Badger fans in the forum, but you also called me names and called me out in one of Boilerbacker's posts (didn't think I'd find out about that?) about the same time.

                              So for you to say YOU didn't make this personal ... well, two to tango. In fact, this last post is the most personal attack yet, and it's almost two months old. Clearly still personal for you.

                              I'm sorry that we got off on the wrong foot. I'm also sorry I'm such a bad handicapper.

                              Merry Christmas and good luck in the bowl games.