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12 stuck upside down for 35 mins at Arkansas amusement park

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  • 12 stuck upside down for 35 mins at Arkansas amusement park

    Roller Coaster Riders Left Hanging, Power Outage Strands 12 Upside Down On The X-Coaster At Magic Springs - CBS News


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    no backup generator? :nuts:


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      Originally posted by homedawg View Post
      no backup generator? :nuts:
      I was thinking the same thing.
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        I was thinking that one would have to think they'd have some kind of release button they could press to push any cars along that are on the track.



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          Alot of you may not believe this, but I never have been on a rollarcoaster, and I am not too far from canadas wonderland. You guys should go there for rollarcoasters. Im not sure if this arkansas one was a traveling amusement park but i would avoid those.
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            My family (2 daughters and nephew) and I got stuck on the roller coaster at Disneyland Adventure on the upswing before we hit the loop. Dismounting from the coaster was pretty scary......especially cause my 9 yr old daughter was on the open side of the track. Although I must admit the workers there were great and really took care of us. My wife was freaking out cause she wouldn't go on it and was wondering what the hell was going on........after 45 minutes. Now she's definitely never going on
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              Probably not a big deal for Arkys......I think they sleep 4 or 5 to a bed so someone always ends up hanging off the side of the bed upside down! LMAO:nuts:
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                I knew when I saw this on the news that some a-hole on this forum would make an Arkie joke.

                Joepa- bite me!!!

                Just remember the next time you go to Walmart and purchase your k/y jelly, gerbal and string that the money you spend is coming back to us Arkies, so that we can go ride on some more roller coasters.

                Hell, we're at the bottom of every economic and educational statistic in the U.S. and the people on that coaster were just hanging upside down trying to find somebody below us!!!! LMAO


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                  Don't worry Redhog.....oHIo, Mississippi and West Virginny are all close to Arkansas as well.....hell when I lived in Pine Bluff there were alot of "have nots" but they didn't seem as unhappy as the ones living around these parts. It was an eye opener and I really valued the experience of living there....

                  As for the k-y jelly....I don't know where the other guys get theirs, but I don't shop at Sam's Hijacking Store, he's run enough companies out of business with his business demands. I simply make my own with a little olive oil and some black raspberry jam from Smuckers.....LMAO

                  Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew: