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Chris Benoit and family found dead in home

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    Originally posted by CuseFan10 View Post
    Dookie Fan- There are many other adverse affects from chronic steroid abuse than just "roid rage". One of the major ones is clinical depression. To say that his steroid abuse does not factor into this is a bit short sided, IMHO. Where did you read that he was giving his son HGH? Jesus, what a scumbag.
    Cuse - there are reports, and from what I've heard not confirmed, that their son had needle marks on his arm because his parents we not happy with his growth rate..
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      Originally posted by Silver & Black View Post
      Cuse - there are reports, and from what I've heard not confirmed, that their son had needle marks on his arm because his parents we not happy with his growth rate..
      Chris Benoit May Have Injected Son Daniel Benoit With HGH
      By Mike Baron
      Jun 27, 2007

      Chris Benoit Murder Update - In an interview with on Tuesday, District Attorney Scott Ballard indicated that the son of Chris Benoit, Daniel Benoit, had needle marks in his arms. The district attorney also said that he believed that the boy had been given growth hormones for quite some time because the family considered him undersized.
      A report has now surfaced online that claims Chris' son Daniel may have had what is called, "Fragile X syndrome." In the article by Katharine Kitts, Pam Winthrope describes how she had contact with Chris Benoit a few years ago and asked him about helping raise awareness about the condition.

      She said, "We talked to him because I was trying to set up a support group in BC and in Canada, we only have a couple of them. My husband was struggling when we got diagnosed with our son, and Chris was struggling with his. They talked for a few minutes and then he said he didn't want to be a public face for Fragile X, he just wanted to keep it really, really quiet."

      Winthrope goes on to say that she has witnesses to the condition first hand and knows how it can rip families apart.

      She said, "You as a parent have to go out there and find what's available and it's not easy --they don't tell you."

      Fragile X syndrome is considered an inherited mental impairment. According to the report, prominent characteristics of the syndrome include an elongated face, large or protruding ears, large testicles (macroorchidism), and low muscle tone, reports

      This might very-well be the reason Daniel Benoit was being injected with Human Growth Hormone.


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        Chris Benoit Roid Rage? Chris Benoit and his legacy have taken an enormous hit. Now the WWE is firing back at reports that the murders/suicide by the former wrestling champion were the result of "roid rage."
        Many media outlets speculated that after authorities revealed that steroids were found at the Benoit house, a violent reaction caused by use of the supplements may have contributed Benoit's murderous behavior.

        The WWE has shot back with a loud "That's bulls**t!," although the wrestling organization can cite no criminal, psychopharmaceutical or hormone expert as the source of their claims.

        In a statement released to our friends at TMZ, representatives for the WWE claim that the proof can be found by way of the Bibles left at the feet of Benoit's two victims. "The physical findings announced by authorities indicate deliberation, not rage. The wife's feet and hands were bound and she was asphyxiated, not beaten to death. By the account of the authorities, there were substantial periods of time between the death of the wife and the death of the son, again suggesting deliberate thought, not rage. The presence of a Bible by each is also not an act of rage."

        The WWE also states that Benoit had tested negative for steroids in the company's independently administered drug testing program, which was done on April 10, 2007.


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          Now assuming he did kill his wife and son like is being initially reported, what amazes me even more than that the guy went on a rampage of whatever sort and killed his family, is that the sicko WWE aired a 3 hour TRIBUTE to a MURDERER....and a murderer who killed HIS OWN CHILD at that.

          How anyone could even harm, let alone take the life of their child is completely beyond me, under any circumstance, and if that turns out to be the case, it's just plain sickening to me that Vince and the rest of those in charge at WWE would have the balls to air a tribute to him.

          On a side note, I used to be big into wresting when I was a kid in the late 70's, thru the 80's, and into the early 90's. Even though I knew it was fake from the beginning, to me it was always about the story lines, and rooting for the underdog (imagine that, lol), not about how big how big a guy's muscles were. Weather it was some lard ass like King Kong Bundy squashing some jobber on his way to a title shot, only to end up losing to Hogan, or a classic wrestling match between guys like Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat, it didn't matter to me.

          Exactly when wrestling changed I'm not entirely sure, but i completely lost interest when the only thing that mattered was how big a guy was, how many jokes he could tell on the microphone, and how catchy his entrance music was. I grew real tired of hearing the same "catch phrases" and "entrance themes" every Monday night for years on end, and watching guys whose only wrestling related moves were punches, kicks, clotheslines, and the occasional body slam.

          The only thing left worth watching by the mid 90's was ECW, and of course both McMahon and the idiots at WCW made sure to do everything in their power to squash the best wrestling promotion ever....and I don't think I've watched a wrestling program since. I occasionally watch tapes or DVD's I have from "back then", but none of the new crap.

          My point is that originally, I thought I just lost interest in wrestling because I got "older" (i'm only 34, but ya know, not a kid anymore)....but the more and more that comes out these days, I have realized that it wasn't me that changed, but the product that has turned to garbage.

          If anyone else is truly sickened by this, and other events that have happened as a result of the obvious behind the scenes pressure these guys are put under to "juice up" to have any success and make money at what they're good at by Vince and the other money hungry bastards at WWE, maybe just not watching, not buying tickets to events, not buying merchandise, etc would be a better way to protest than bitching on an internet bulletin board.

          I mean how many lives have already been lost to steroid abuse just amongst wrestlers in the last few years? I know Eddie Guerrero was mentioned, and there have been quite a few more just in the last couple years alone, and now whatever the hell happened here, with a dude allegedly not only taking his own life, but also that of his wife and son? Sure there are plenty of wackos out there that would do this type of **** anyway, and I'm no roid expert, nor can I say that roids caused this latest situation, but it sure as hell seems to be a trend with these wrestlers dying and/or flipping out lately, and the one thing i am willing to bet they all have in common is steroid use.

          Maybe congress should go after these guys instead of wasting their time on Giambi, Bonds, and whoever else they suspect has used steroids in MLB. At least Bonds, Giambi and the rest of the suspected MLB roid users never killed anyone.
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            They did not find out who killed them until yesterday afternoon. The only investigation reported on Monday was that it was a homicide. Probably that's why WWE made a tribute to him because they didn't have the full story behind the death Benoit family.
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              Originally posted by CuseFan10 View Post
              Really a sick sick sick story, and the whole world needs to wake up and realize the truly horrible effect anabolic steroids can have on people. How many WWE people have to die before people wake up and see what is going on? They are averaging about one death per year over the past 4-5 years, and now Benoit kills his wife and son more than likely because he's a juice bag psycho who is depressed and/or in a "roid rage"?

              You'd think he would be smart enough to stop taking steroids after one of his lifelong friends died from heart failure deemed a result "from long time anabolic steroid use". Then, to make it even worse, the psycho strangles his wife and "smothers" his seven year old son? Smothering your own child until you cut off the air from him and he dies in your arms? Benoit is a monster in every sense of the word, and Vince McMahon is an enabler and piece of **** human being himself who should be held responsible for encouraging these guys rampant drug use and essentially rewarding them for it. People are dying on his watch, and now they are taking innocent lives with them.

              Steroids are more important than a son? Truly horrific and hopefully eye opening in some sense about a massive problem and life taking trend.

              Placing bibles by their side doesn't exactly constitute a "roid rage". It actually shows that he was deliberate. He bound his wife and son and suffocated them. It's not like he beat them to death in a rage. There was also long periods of time between the deaths indicating that he wasn't in a rage, rather it was methodic and not out of pure anger.

              Also, Authorities even came out and said all of the substances found in his home were legal. Without the results of the toxicology reports you can't even say for sure he had steroids in his system to even have a "roid rage".

              So please just be careful how you throw that term around.


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                This whole Benoit thing is just mindboggling. I used to watch wrasslin' from time to time back in the day....haven't seen it in a long time...wouldn't consider myself a "fan," but more of a casual know, when nothing else was on TV. What little I do know about wrestling is that Benoit was one of the best performers ever. He had the respect of everyone in the industry....not a bad word was ever said about him. And he does this? Its shocking because it goes against everything everyone has ever said about him as a person.

                I'm not going to sit here and say it was "roid rage" because I simply don't know enough about it....but something is going on. It could be a combination of the rigors of the schedule, the beating the body takes, the stress of the lifesyle combined with steroid and other prescription pain killers that could all be combined to send a person over the deep end...just sad, disgusting and really, really strange.

                I agree with you, Stiff. The WWE knew Benoit was dead on Monday and aired a three hour tribute to him. They didn't know all the facts, but I would be willing to bet they knew something....they now look like the idiots. I saw some clips of some of the testimonials from the wrestlers and looking back in hindsight, I would be willing to bet they knew he killed his family on Monday night. Several wrestlers went as far to say, "I'm not going to comment on Chris Benoit the person....I'm going to comment on him as a wrestler....and then they would talk about his passion and professionalism. Those guys KNEW what happened, and yet, the WWE gives him a 3 hour tribute. At the very least, the WWE should have aired a "best of" and not had Benoit in the clips...they should have waited until the facts came out....but like I said, they friggin' knew....they knew.

                I know that it was Benoit's disgusting actions that killed his family....but something deep down inside of me hopes that the WWE doesn't get out of this whole mess unscathed....I mean, Benoit broke his neck a few years ago...should he have even been able to wrestle after that? On the road 330 days a year, taking painkillers, steroids, getting your ass thrown around a ring every night, being away from your family all about a recipe for disaster.

                He could have found out his wife was having an affair or something....rage from steroids, depression from painkillers.....that's all it could have taken.

                Sad and disgusting.

                Edit -- I realize that many wrestlers have broken their necks and continued to wrestle...Steve Austin and Kurt Angle come to mind....and I realize they get cleared by doctors....but, come on....common sense says that you probably shouldn't get dropped on your head every night if you've already broken your neck. Its all about the $$$. The pressure to get back into the ring has resulted in these guys being so doped up on painkillers, steroids, etc. Just because it happens doesn't mean its right.
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                  I've seen **** like this on the Discovery Channel about exorcism. Crazy **** there. I'm a Christian myself and at times, I believe in exorcism and how a devil poses the body. Yes, this is just random information, but after reading through the news article about a bible next to his wife and son body, it tingles my mind about how a person can act crazy like this.
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                    The WWE did a great job throughout this whole thing, dont know how anyone could say otherwise. First of all the facts didnt come out when they aired at 8pm on Monday. They went ahead and did a tribute show and at the time it was the right move.

                    Later that night, some facts came out about what happened and on the wwe website, they removed all Chris Benoit merchandise and tributes that were posted earlier.

                    Dont know what they could have done different because the facts were not out on Monday. No one can say they ran a tribute show to a murderer because at the time they werent sure of what happened.
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                      beerman- I agree with a lot of what you said, but I don't agree that there is no such thing as "roid rage". It's clinically proven that steroids cause serious, to dangerous, mood swings and affect personality and mental states. While there might not be "roid rage" in the stereotypic form most people associate the term with, it definitely is a prevalent, IMHO.
                      I've never seen the study that says this. Trust me I've done a huge amount of research on the subject so I know what you are saying but the mood swings are normally caused by not cycling the drug correctly. If you steadily increase the dosage of the drug up till a peak and then slowly lower the dosage in a pyramid fashion followed by post cycle therapy you should feel little if any mood alteration. Roid rage is a "myth". Steroids do not make anyone act crazy or loss their temper. The unfortunate truth is that certain people that have a disposition for violence are drawn to the drug.(add muscle to an ******* and you get a Muscle Bound *******) Steroids work and if you use them correctly the harm that can be caused by them really drops to an insignificant amount. Cosmetically speaking you are taking on a much greater risk if you go to have liposuction done or women having a breast implant surgery than you are at risk from steroid use. Abuse on the other hand is something that can be done with just about any substance you put into your body. Take a bottle of aspirin and see where you land. Drink to much water and water becomes toxic. Anything you abuse can hurt you.

                      Steroids can have a bad physiological effect if you stay on the drugs to long, stack to many steroids together, and take to big a dosage.(dosage is a huge problem because more steroid does not mean more muscle it just means more work for your body) If you use steroids then go cold turkey you can slip into a depressed state. If you already suffer from some type of depressed state the depression brought on by a sudden withdrawal can be devastating. What has the same effect?? I don't know maybe Prozac and other anti depressants??? No one is screaming about those. I'm glad they aren't to because despite the bad press those drugs help a hell of a lot more people than they hurt.

                      The fact of the matter is that wrestling is not living a legit life. Everyone that knows about the WWE or what was the WWF and WCW knows what the behaviour of these guys are behind the scenes. They do a bunch of drugs, they don't sleep as much as they need, they abuse themselves physically and mentally and people are wondering why so many of them live short lives?? Nothing different than burn out rockstars that die young. Abuse your body long enough and it will turn on you.

                      The press is great for inaccurate information and they seem very convincing but lets look at the truth of the situation. This guy was clearly off his rocker and how he got there is probably a combo of a ton of different things he was doing wrong.
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                        Chris Benoit Text Messages Released - The tragic case of Chris Benoit and family just keeps getting more bizarre with every new detail released.
                        Several interesting and complex text messages sent by Benoit early on Sunday morning prompted concerned friends to alert Richard Hering, the VP of Government Relations for WWE, Inc. who then spoke to Fayette County sheriffs Monday.

                        Chris Benoit sent the series of text messages, some from his dead wife's cell phone.

                        According to, all five text messages were sent between 3:53 AM and 3:58 AM on June 24. He then committed suicide, report our friends at

                        The text messages disclosed that Chris Benoit distributed information on the whereabouts of his remains, and the enclosed location of his attack dogs.

                        Below are the times and content of some of the text messages, courtesy of

                        * 3:53 AM - Chris Benoit's cell phone: "My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane, Fayeteville Georgia. 30215"
                        * 3:53 AM - Chris Benoit's cell phone: "The dogs are in the enclosed pool area. Garage side door is open."
                        * 3:54 AM - Nancy Benoit's cell phone: "My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane. Fayeteville Georgia. 30215"
                        * 3:55 AM - Nancy Benoit's cell phone: "My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane, Fayeteville Georgia. 30215"
                        * 3:58 AM - Nancy Benoit's cell phone: "My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane, Fayeteville Georgia. 30215"



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                          The more I read about this case, the more I am convinced, there was someone else involved!:beer2: Time will tell!


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                            Originally posted by homedawg View Post
                            The more I read about this case, the more I am convinced, there was someone else involved!:beer2: Time will tell!

                            I get the feeling he may not have killed them or himself that maybe it was something like a Hit. It is very sad that a 7 year old kid is gone.
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                              I think the evidence is pretty clear he did it all himself. The deaths came hours and even days apart. Not exactly the kind of thing that happens when your talking about a "hit".
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                                I agree with Stif....I haven't watched this bull**** for turned into a soap opera based on stereotypes and sex. What happened to the good colourful characters, and technical wrestling? Where have you gone Super Fly Snuka? I know if I had kids, I wouldn't want them watching that garbage.

                                I also heard on the fan today that the WWE knew that it might have been a murder/suicide the morning of the "tribute" show, but didn't have anything else to put on, so they still ran it. Brutal.

                                This, the Eddie Guerrero thing, and the Owen Hart debacle (he dies, and the "show" goes on??). I hate the WWE.