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NBA Friday 2/8

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  • NBA Friday 2/8

    ytd 177-155 (+21.27 units)

    NJ Nots +4.5
    Orlando Magicians -1
    Cleveland Steamers +4 (-115)
    Detroit Pissons -11
    Detroit Pissons/Portland Jailblazers under 181
    Minnesota Timberwusses +6
    Phoenix Daughters -11.5
    Sacramento Queens +2.5

    2 units each

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    cleveland steamers :laughing:


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      GL Stif... surprised to see you on the Suns, I think the Sonics could keep that one close.
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        I just figure the Suns come out focused after a SU home loss last time out for them, and Seattle is....well, Seattle. Certainly a team Phoenix could beat by 20+ at home if they're not overlooking em.

        Plus I normally look to play on teams with main players either out, or now gone in this case with Marion, as I believe the public normally overreacts resulting in a better line on the side with the player gone.

        At the same time, I will probably be looking to fade the Suns once Shaq gets in the lineup, since I think his presence will add points unnecessarily to the line, while I don't believe his presence is going to make much difference, if not hurt them, in games where they're large faves by slowing the pace, or creating 4 on 5 situations on the offensive end for Phoenix till he lumbers his big ass down the court.

        Guess we'll see how it plays out.


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          you gotta love the way Detroit mailed it in after the 3rd q


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            NCAAF: Record: 38-50-1 (-30.5 donuts) :bang:
            NFL: Record: 32-28-2 (+55 donuts)
            NBA: Record: 101-85-4 (+82 donuts) :thumbs:
            NCAAB: Records: 99-78-3 (+102 donuts) :beerbang:
            MLB: Record: 1-0-0 (+3 donuts)

            1 donut = $100


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              Yea, talk about the ultimate backdoor cover. Horrible. DET was easily the right play there :puke:


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                Originally posted by Underdog88 View Post
                GL Stif... surprised to see you on the Suns, I think the Sonics could keep that one close.
                You were right. The Suns really seem to stink lately. I thought the loss to Utah would wake em up and get em ready to put a beating on someone....but I guess they're just not that team anymore who can lay 120+ on someone like Seattle who isn't exactly the cream of the crop out west.