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  • JML NBA Finals >>>

    Celtics win series 4-3 (+400)
    Lakers win series 4-3 (+400)

    1 Unit Each

    I think I caught a f-up at Bet 365. The Lakers line should be much most books have the "will the series go 7 games" between +160 to +200. I'm ESSENTIALLY getting the "series goes 7 games" prop @ +300 with these two bets.

    7 Home wins, IMO...and I was going to play Boston on a series win at +160, but I'm getting much better value in this play, as I don't think Boston wins in 5 or 6, AND it gives me an additional out with a Lakers win as well!!


    Now that Hockey's over...I might even catch a few games of this series...I think I've only watched one game since the Raptors got bounced....and it doesn't look like I missed much, as once again the NBA playoffs turn predictable with no low seed runs in the

    Love the matchup....reminds me of the days when I was interested in the NBA... :beerbang:

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    Originally posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf View Post
    7 Home wins, IMO...
    I dont agree with the 7 Home wins, but if you feel strong about it why not bet:

    Will the home team win every game in the series? Yes +1162

    GL JML :beerbang:


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      Home Team :thumbs:

      Haven't been following, but I hear they've been doing well... :beer2:

      That prop is enticing HD,
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        Originally posted by homedawg View Post
        Will the home team win every game in the series? Yes +1162

        since they went to the 2-3-2 format, only 1 team has won all 3 middle games. Personally I think both teams get a road win.... but it would be nice to see the Lakers go into LA down 0-2. Sets up nicely for a big game 3 play on the Mambas.

        GL JML :thumbs:
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        Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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          Yeah, UD...rare feat...but any year to have it happen this would be the one! I don't really care as long as it goes and GL! :beerbang:


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            Game 2:

            Kobe Bryant OVER 30 Points -120
            Like most people, I am expecting Kobe to bounce back from his Game 1 performance. He shot 9/26 and 0/3 from behind the arc, and still scored 24 points? Love this prop...he should have no problem getting 30 tonight with any kind of decent shooting effort...

            2 Units


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              Another home win... :beer2:

              Props pushes...
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