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Friday NBA Note: Jazz PG Deron Williams OUT

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  • Friday NBA Note: Jazz PG Deron Williams OUT

    He's going to miss tonight/Saturday due to a personal issue.
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    Nice. Was thinking of going Philly anyway and this seals it.


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      But Lang is on Philly so it kind of evens out :laughing:


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        damn really Stif? I like Philly but I hate being on the same side as him... ah well plenty of other games out there...
        Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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          Yea Lang is on Philly and Portland tonight, both "5 dime"

          And Temple in NCAAF for "15 dime" with a free NCAAF pick on West VA.

          I really dislike both of his NCAAF picks so I will be on both Cincy and Akron for sure now, but was actually leaning Philly myself and unsure about New Orleans. Seems like a sucker bet on Portland, but I don't know if i can trust the ****hole Hornets.

          He doesn't get every one wrong, so maybe Philly is actually a winner, lol


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            Hahaha. Yeah I went against him on both his college football picks. His record isn't bad in other sports, just has no idea on college football. Has pretty good reasoning, but the MAC is a crazy conference.

            As for Philly, I was kind of there already, and no Deron Williams should mean a victory for Philly pretty easily. They are more athletic, at home, and I just don't see them getting beat by a Utah squad that hasn't found its footing even with Williams in the lineup.

            I like Portland a lot in that game. New Orleans absolutely blows. Paul is good, but they have no defensive intensity, and they may have some issue tonight after the firing of Scott. Could be a trap game, but oh well, if it is then so be it. I lose in the NBA tonight