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NBA Playoffs 5/31

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  • NBA Playoffs 5/31

    Pistons -1.5 Third Qtr...

    2 Units

    Local radio today talking bout if the Stones were to lose to the Cavs in this series they should go after Kobe..Either giving up Rip and Prince and two first rounders..Or Sheed and Rip and two first rounders...:nuts:

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    GL. Like it.


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      0-1 -2.2 Units..

      Wow and wow and wow again...I have been a Lebron doubter for awhile but after tonight just Wow...I gotta give that dude props he made some ridiculous shots and was in a zone like I have never seen before or at least not since MJ played....With that said I was really disapointed in the Pistons D on some of the possessions..I mean I know Lebron was a man on a mission tonight and probably wouldn't of been stopped getting to the hole regardless of how good of D was played..I just think that the Pistons never challenged him at the rim enough..You can't let the dude just dunk on you like he did..They needed to foul him or attack him more, nothing dirty,just try to get some contact on him and make him go to the line....Unfortunately for the Stones I think this one is over...Only bright spots are they were down 3-2 to NJ the year they won it all and were down last year to the Cavs in the same situation...I think if the Stones somehow find a way to force a game 7 they go on and win the series in game 7..I guess as a Stones fan the only thing I can really hope for is that Lebron exerted so much energy tonight that he will be drained for game 6, but I just don't see that happening with them being at home.