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  • 5 Dimes?

    Starting up an account at <a href=" =/tracking/banner/120x60/Football_Generic_5D120x60(01).gif&AffUrlID=80">5 Dimes</a> and was wondering what the easiest way to make a deposit is?

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    If you click on cashier it shows all kinds of different ways to deposit.

    I gotta believe 900 pay is the easiest though. Not sure what the limits would be though.


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      My easiest way to pay 5 dimes is to use the pre-pay money cards from Wallgreens. Either $50 or $100 cards.


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        <a href="">5Dimes</a> is currently one of the fastest sportsbooks to pay out as well with a 48 hour fedex turnaround.


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          Originally posted by jpix View Post
          My easiest way to pay 5 dimes is to use the pre-pay money cards from Wallgreens. Either $50 or $100 cards.
          J-Pix, when you do that though what method do you use to fund the account? I dont see an actual credit card deposit method...


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            Sorry for the late reply EMV01............

            I called their number and gave them the card numbers over the phone, easy!


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              The deposit was made about 6 months ago (cash cards)

              When pinnacle went down I withdrew all money and made another deposit to 5- Dimes using the ewallet Xpress. Had no problem, but had to wait a couple days for the e-wallet people to verify the funds. After the e-wallet account was set up I had to e-mail them the exact amount ($ from my bank account) they deposited into their account. Sounds like alot of crap, but it was pretty easy. I believe this e-mail process is a protective meassure in some way:dunno: Example: deposit into ewallet is $100, the exact amount they withdrew from my bank account was $99.10. I called my bank to get the exact amount that had been withdrawn to ewallet, This was the number amount I had to e-mail them, the next day I was good to go.

              Hope this helps. :beerbang:


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                I used ewalletxpress.
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                  Yeah thannks guys...I used Ewallet too, sounds like a pain in the ass but wasn't..