Bet Amounts – How Much You Should Bet on Games

Bet Amounts; How Much You Should Bet on Games
by Staff

This will be one of the more meaningful articles you will ever read about sports betting because it cautions you against one of the biggest disasters that sports bettors experience: The amount you bet on games.

The average amount you risk on a wager is your business. A gambler who makes 100k a year is likely to have a bigger bankroll and average bet size than that of a guy making 35k/yr. Regardless of income or disposable income, both should be taking the same approach to sports betting.

That approach is being comfortable with the amount you’re betting. We all know that we shouldn’t risk more than we’re willing to lose and we surely shouldn’t be laying amounts that EVER come into conflict with paying bills, putting food on the table or creating financial strain on your family. What we’re talking about here is wagering amounts that your comfortable with if you should lose or go on a prolonged losing streak. To expand on this, we’re talking about betting amounts that don’t get you too high when you win nor too low when you lose.

When one wins a huge amount, they naturally tend to think that this is “too easy” and may start lagging on doing their handicapping that got them to the promise land in the first place. When a bettor loses an uncomfortable amount, his first reaction is to chase and get it back. We need to avoid both of these emotional reactions if we want to get serious about winning at sports gambling.

What we need to do is condition ourselves to not have much (or any) reaction to a win or a loss. I like to call this the itch and smile. A loss is like an itch, it’s annoying but doesn’t hurt. A smile is something good but not quit a burst of laughter. It’s ok to be happy or a bit ticked, but the point here is that we can’t let it affect our next bet otherwise your in trouble and are likely to make poor decisions going forward.

This is something that many simply can’t implement into their daily betting arsenal. Hey, if your ok with losing don’t bother with this. It is indeed a huge issue with gambling though and if you can make this work for you it will surely enhance your chances at beating the bookie long term.

As noted above, each man has his own unique individual income. What you bet is your business, but seriously, if you want to “do it by the book,” you shouldn’t be betting more than about 2% of your bankroll. It’s boring, but it will allow you to keep your head above water and not bust out during a prolonged losing streak which even the best of sports handicappers experience during their careers.

Good luck Fellas!