The Difference Between College Football Betting and NFL Football Betting

The Difference Between NFL and College Football Betting
by Staff

While both are indeed the game of football, the college and pro ranks have quite a few differences between them when it comes to betting on each.

1. Because there are so many more teams in college than the NFL, this is the first of many differences. This creates an overlay situation for astute bettors (where the player has the advantage over the house.)

While the oddsmakers can’t take the time to focus in on one team, especially small schools, the astute bettor can providing for a nice advantage. The sportsbooks are quick to take note of this activity once placed, moving the line by a full point when big bucks come in on one side involving small college football teams.

2. Key numbers aren’t the same. While 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 13 and 14 will make you scream hallelujah or bust your balls in the pros, college games don’t end with the same margins nearly as close because of the ineffectiveness of the college kicking game. NFL kickers hit it consistently like clockwork. Many college football kickers not only miss field goals, but often times extra points!

3. The pros provide for more parity. A huge favorite in the NFL may be -9.5 where in college foots we’ve seen teams laying as many as 49 points!

4. Totals are a whole different game. While in the pros, they tend to show more sportsmanship and not run up the score, the college ranks are just the opposite with teams running up the score to look better and get higher rankings and position themselves better in the BCS picture.

5. In the pros, even with free agency you have “somewhat” of the same team each year. In college, you have freshman coming in and seniors going out. Constant shuffling of the roster means a change in variables and a change in variables means a change in performance. What may have been a dominating college team last year may be a crappy team this year. A star player is weighted heavier in college. In the NFL, their all star players.

6. The disabled list. In the pros, teams are forced to announce the status of players whether their OUT, doubtful, questionable or probable. In the college ranks, schools aren’t held to the same standard and don’t have to report. This makes for a guessing game when it comes to the status of players.

7. You are little red riding hood and the book is the wolf. They know how you think when it comes to the NFL. They don’t have quite as good of grip on your thoughts when it comes to college football betting. This alone makes for college football bets to be of more value. Keep in mind that point spreads are created based on public perception. They know you wanna bet on the GOOD TEAMS and they can inflate those lines knowing that they’ve created a situation in which the value is on their site. They don’t care if you win today, because in this type of situation, they know they’ll get you in the long run. Bookies are not stupid, their patient and willing to accept short term losses in exchange for the long term win.

Don’t believe us? Check out the parlay cards they put out. The public teams (darlings) that everybody loves have higher lines those that are bettable in a single game format. They are out to get you! Believe it! Get’em back by learning how to play small college football games in which you can gather up more info than they have, create your own line based on that information and hammer them when your in an overlay situation.