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Welcome to’s MLB parlay calculator page! We understand that calculating potential payouts for baseball parlays can be a time-consuming and confusing process. That’s why we’ve created a user-friendly online calculator that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Our parlay calculator allows you to input your odds with ease, and then calculates your potential payout instantly. You no longer need to worry about messy mathematical equations or guessing the potential payout of your baseball parlays.

  1. Step 1: Enter the moneylines of each of the teams you are betting. If you are betting the Yankees -125 and the Astros -145, you enter -125 in the first box and -145 in the second.
  2. Step 2: Scroll down to the “Amount Bet” and enter your wager amount.
  3. Step 3: Hit the “Calculate Parlay” button and you’ll see your parlay payout amount.

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5 Tips to Maximize MLB Parlay Potential Winnings and Minimize Risk

Combining bets on multiple games:

One common way to use MLB parlays is to combine bets on multiple games taking place on the same day. For example, you might combine bets on the moneyline, run line, and total runs scored for two or more games. By doing so, you can create a parlay that offers higher odds and a higher potential payout than betting on each game individually. However, it’s important to be aware of the added risk of relying on multiple outcomes to go your way, and to choose bets that have a reasonable chance of success.

Including run line bets:

In addition to moneyline and total runs scored bets, MLB parlays can also include run line bets, which involve betting on a team to win by a certain margin of runs. Including run line bets in your parlay can increase the potential payout, but also increases the risk of losing the bet.

Hedging your bets:

Depending on the odds and the number of bets included in your MLB parlay, it may make sense to hedge your bets by placing a separate bet on the opposite outcome. For example, if you’ve bet a 5-team parlay and the first four legs win, it’s a wise move to bet the opposite on the one remaining game to guarantee yourself a profit.

Taking advantage of matchups:

Another way to use MLB parlays is to take advantage of favorable matchups between teams. For example, if a team with a strong offense is playing against a team with a weak pitching staff, you might bet on the over for the total runs scored and include that bet in your parlay. Similarly, if a team with a strong ace pitcher is playing against a team with a weak offense, you might bet on the under for the total runs scored and include that bet in your parlay.

Managing your bankroll:

As with any type of betting, it’s important to manage your bankroll carefully when betting on MLB parlays. This means only betting a small percentage of your total bankroll on each parlay, and not chasing losses by increasing your bet size to try to recoup losses. Consider setting a maximum amount you’re willing to bet on any parlay, and stick to it. Did you know: Professional bettors rarely wager over 2% of their bankroll on any single game? They also never have more than 10-20% of their bankroll in action on any single day.

Parlay Betting Tips

Many bettors like to parlay huge favorites together to limit the amount of juice/vigorish (house commission they pay). Unfortunately, many sports gamblers also throw teams with huge odds into their parlays with the thought that the game is a lock. Don’t get carried away and start blindly inserting ten games into a parlay with hopes of big payouts. Each game should be handicapped properly. After doing so, you’ll often find MLB teams with crazy odds such as -200 that shouldn’t be favored at all! Remember, odds are based on perception, not what is likely to happen. The difference between a winning handicapper and a losing handicapper is the ability to decipher what can happen vs. what should happen. More: MLB Parlay Tips & Strategies

Lastly, not all online sportsbooks offer the same odds on these bets. Check out our best parlay odds page which will spell out where you’ll get paid the most for your winning bets. Good luck!