How to Bet on Nascar Races

Welcome to our tutorial guide on how to bet on NASCAR.

There are four types of wagers you can choose from when betting on a NASCAR race:

1. Driver vs. Driver Matchups
2. Odds to Win the Race
3. Futures Bets
4. Props

Driver vs. Driver Matchups allow you to wager on the race only focusing on “your pick” vs. another driver. Which ever one finishes ahead of the other is the winner. An example would be something like Jeff Burton +100 vs. Jeff Gordon -120. Whenever you see a “+” that would denote the underdog in the matchup and tells you how much you will win per $100 risked. Keep in mind you get your $100 staked amount back if the wager wins. The “-” sign tells us who the favorite is and how much we have to risk on that driver in order to profit $100. If your favorite bet wins, you will of course get your $120 staked amount back as well.

Odds to Win to Race offers NASCAR bettors the opportunity to pick who they think will win the race outright. These bets usually come with some pretty hefty odds and payouts as selecting one driver to win out of a field of many is tough to do. Often times you will see an option to “bet the field” as well, which means that if you select this option you are covering any and all drivers not listed on the odds to win page at your sportsbook.

Futures wagers are bets where you select the winner of a long term event. In this case, the driver to be the points leader and win the Nextel Cup at the end of the Nascar season would be deemed the winner of the bet. We have two takes on Futures with one being good and one bad. The good is that it allows you to get down for a very small amount (often times as little as $2) and take a shot at a big payoff. The downside to futures wagers are that you have to tie up your cash for a long period of time.

Props are wildcard bets such as “car brand to have the most wins over the course of the nascar season” and “manufacturer to win race.” That’s just an example of two of MANY potential prop bet opportunities as a prop can pretty much be anything vs. anything.

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