Nascar Betting Rules

These NASCAR betting rules are pretty standard industry wide however can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. Especially online to Las Vegas.

Postponements: Any sort of postponement of a race or qualifier usually means that the wager stands for 48 hours. If the race or qualifier hasn’t been run by the 48 hour postponement period, all bets are considered no action and your loot is returned to your betting account.

Winner: If a race ends prematurely for any reason, the official winner for wagering purposes is that of which NASCAR deems the winner of the race.

Replacement Drivers: If a starting driver goes a minimum of one lap and is replaced for any reason, the starting driver will be awarded the replacement drivers placement in the race.

Disqualifications: If a DQ is to take place more than thirty minutes after the end of a race, it is not recognized by the sportsbooks.

Head to Head Matchups: Both drivers must start the race for head to head matchups to be considered action.

The Field: When betting “the field” option, it represents all drivers not listed as an option within the bet.