NBA Basketball Betting Systems

As we report in other “systems” sections of the website, there are very few if any systems that work long term. Many include reporting information that includes games of year’s past and I’m sorry but that doesn’t cut it for us. It may sound good but in all reality it’s worth nothing more than a steaming pile of dung. What does yesteryear have to do with today?

The only system, and it’s a dangerous one, is the doubling up of bets. The downfall of this is that if you hit a long losing streak which is probable over the course of the years, your goose is cooked. We’ll show you an example of what we mean below:

Let’s start with a $11 unit to win $10. Say you lose. You not have to bet $22 to win 20. You lose. Now you bet $44 to win $40. You lose again. You now bet $88 to win $80. You finally win. In total, you have lost 11+22+44=77 and profited $80 for a grand total of $3 profit. Now you start over and do it all again.

Had you won on your $44 bet, you’d have lost 11+22=33 and won $40 for a total profit of $7.

The problem with betting this way is that once you hit a long losing streak,
your risk amounts are so high that you can’t afford to lay the bailout bet anymore.

It should also be noted that you can’t just keep doubling up your bets as one would think. You will need to pencil it out to make sure that your win amount exceeds the total amount you’ve laid out in risk up to the point your at.

Does it work? Yeah. Do we recommend it? No. One fat losing streak can get you in a whole lot of trouble.