NBA Key Numbers

NBA Key Numbers
by Staff

Key numbers in the NBA aren’t worth as much as football’s 3 and 7, however there are a couple numbers that are very important and more often landed on than any other numbers. Those numbers are 2 and 7.

When a sportsbook puts out a spread of 2 points, their expecting a real close game that they expect will come down to the final moments. Movement around this number can be lethal as in all reality teams are playing to win, not cover the spread.

Many astute bettors will look for an opportunity to middle when the number moves around 2 as the likelihood of catching an in betweener while betting both ways is more likely.

The second most important number is 7. The reason 7 comes up so much is that it’s essentially three possessions and around the time that teams will quit fouling another team if their behind.

As noted above, the 2 and 7 in hoops aren’t as strong as the 3 and 7 in the NFL, but are two digits surely worth watching when trying to figure out what key numbers are when handicapping pro basketball games.