Predictem NBA Basketball Archives

Listed below, you’ll find archived NBA Basketball news, articles and promotions listed in the NBA section of the website from past months. Enjoy!

January 2012 Through November 2012 – Highlighted by the 2012 NBA Finals, the Lakers surprising move, passing on Phil Jackson and hiring Mike D’Antoni, James Harden being traded from OKC to Houston, Dwight Howard being moved from Orlando to Los Angeles, Lowlighted by Orlando Woolridge dying of a heart condition. Rest in peace big man.

March 2011 Through October 2011 – Highlighted by the 2011 NBA Championship, the retirement of Houston Rockets C Yao Ming and NBA lockout updates.

October 2010 Through February 2011 – Highlighted by the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and lowlighted by the passing of “The Enforcerer” Maurice Lucas.

June 2010 Through September 2010 – Highlighted by the 2010 NBA Championship between the Lakers and Celtics in which the Lakers closed out the series with an 83-79 win. Lowlighted by the sad murder of former NBA big-man Lorenzen Wright. R.I.P. big fella.

April 2010 Through May 2010 – Highlighted by the Blazers trade for C Marcus Camby, Andrew Bogut’s season ending injury, 2010 HOF inductees, the Atlanta Hawks firing of Mike Woodson and the announcement by the Washington Wizards that they’d be selecting G John Wall as the 1st pick in the 2010 NBA draft.

February 2010 Through March 2010 – Highlighted by a whole lot of game previews and picks as well as trade rumors, some of which never transpired.

January 2010 – Highlighted by (lowlighted) the Gilbert Arenas situation where he was suspended for the rest of the season for bringing a firearm into the team’s locker room.

November 2009 Through December 2009 – Highlighted by Allen Iverson’s brief retirement (lol), Danny Granger’s foot injury, the trade of Stephen Jackson to Charlotte, Ron Artest admitting to boozing during Bulls games and the weird situation that Tracy McGrady is going through in Houston where he was healthy but the Rockets simply didn’t want him on the floor anymore.

2009 Through October 2009
– Highlighted by the start of the 2009/2010
NBA season, Ricky Rubio deciding to stay in Spain, the regular NBA refs coming back to open the season and key injuries to Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming.

March 2009 Through June 2009 – Highlights for this period include the 2009 NBA Championship, Shaquille O’Neal being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Richard Jefferson becoming a San Antonio Spur.

December 2008 Through February 2009 – Highlighted by the Knicks finally cutting Stephon Marbury loose, KG injury info, the firing of Suns coach Terry Porter, the big Jermaine O’Neal/Shawn Marion trade between the Raptors/Heat and 2009 dunk contest betting odds

July 2008 Through November 2008 – Highlights include but are not limited to: Tim Donaghy being sentenced for 15 months for his involvement in fixing the outcomes of NBA games, Marcus Camby being traded to the Clippers, 2009 team previews and a bunch of previews and picks.

March Through June 2008 – Highlights include Manu Ginobli winning the NBA’s sixth man award, Mike D’Antoni leaving the Suns, the Celtics winning the NBA Championship, the trade of Jermaine O’Neal to Toronto and more.

January Through February 2008 – Highlighted by three major trades: Shaq to Phoenix, Kidd to Dallas and Pau Gasol to the Los Angeles Lakers.

November and December 2007 NBA Archives – Archived articles, mostly consisting of game previews offering analysis with picks from November and December 2007.

Start of Site Through October 2007 – Featuring the Isaiah Thomas sex scandal, Kevin Garnett getting traded to the Boston Celtics for Al Jefferson and many others, Elton Brand injury and the beginning of the 2007 NBA season plus much more!