5Dimes Sportsbook Offering 12 NFL Draft Prop Bets

Spice up your NFL Draft viewing experience with a wager! 5Dimes Sportsbook is offering it’s members the opportunity to “get down” on which college football players will be selected first, which QB will be drafted first and which RB will be drafted first on Thursday, April 26th. The list of prop bets consists of 11 quarterbacks and 1 running back. You can also “bet against” any of these players being taken first, but it’ll cost you, as all but Sam Darnold (+145) are chalk in which you’ll need to risk quite a bit more than you stand to profit. Let’s take a look at the list of options.

USC signal caller Sam Darnold is odds on favorite to go first. It’s no secret that the Browns love spending draft picks on quarterbacks and that recently acquired Tyrod Taylor is just a stop-gap. Darnold’s odds to be taken by the Browns with the first pick at time of print are -185, which means that you’ll need to risk $1.85 for every dollar you’d like to profit. (Total return would be the $1.85 you risk plus $1.00 in profit). If you think Darnold isn’t going to go first, you can bet that proposition with your $1.00 risked paying out $1.45 in profit (2.45 total return).

Closely behind Darnold is strong-armed Wyoming QB Josh Allen at +200 to go first. This means that you can bet $1.00 to profit $2.00 for a total return of 3 bucks. If you’d like to bet against Allen being the first overall pick, you can get that bet at at -280, which means you would have to lay $2.80 to profit $1.00 for a total return of $3.80.

While the Browns are almost a shoe-in to select a QB, 5Dimes isn’t completely dismissing the possibility of Cleveland taking a RB (or trading their 1st pick) as they’re offering first pick odds of +600 on Penn State RB Saquon Barkley. If you’d like to fade (bet against) Barkley being taken first, you can do so at the steep price of -1200. This puts you risking $12 for every $1 you’d like to profit.

From here on out, the odds drop off considerably with UCLA QB Josh Rosen at +1300 and -3000 against, NC State DE Bradley Chubb at +1500 and -4500 against, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield at +1600 and -4800 against and lastly, if you really want to take a mega longshot you can do so on Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald at +7500 and -32500 against.

Next, we move on to “Quarterback to be drafted first.” This wager isn’t specific to the first overall pick. It’s simply which QB will be taken first. Here are those odds:

Sam Darnold -280/+200 against
Josh Allen +210/-290 against
Josh Rosen +700/-1500 against
Baker Mayfield +1300/-3000 against.

The last NFL draft prop bet you can make is whether Saquon Barkley will be the first running back off the board. A yes bet will cost you dealry at -4500. This means you’ll risk $45 for every dollar you’d like to profit. If you think some “other” ball carrier is going to be selected prior to the chalky Barkley, you can take a pop at that proposition at 15-1.

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Note: Odds are subject to change. Odds listed were the current offerings at time of print (12:32PM PST, Thursday, April 5th, 2018). Also, be sure to check out Jeff Scott’s article for more on this year’s draft opportunities.