Football Betting Books

Many are out there looking for football betting literature which is hard to find. We thought we’d post a page which will lead you to some of the better books about gambling on football. We’ll post more as we read and review them as well. Good luck in beating the bookie!

Finally… A Great Book About Football Betting!
#1 Amazon New Release!

“Football Wagering Made Easy”
From one of the most respected football handicappers in the country, discover profitable football wagering made easy!

John Rothschild starts you on your profitable journey with wild gambling stories that are hard to believe, but true.
You’ll discover enlightening angles that will show you how to often win over 75% of the time.

In Football Betting Made Easy you’ll read about:
1)  Why most professional handicappers can’t win half of their games.
2) Wagering advice your parents should have taught you.
3) The nine biggest betting blunders most people make.
4) Some of his own comical “big mistakes” that eventually helped him become so successful.
5) How to think differently than everyone else, ensuring a profitable season.

John Rothschild’s easy-to-understand approach will help both seasoned professionals and novices.
You won’t need to learn complicated theories—just how to use clear-cut, proven strategies.