Larry Johnson Still Holding Out

Larry Johnson: Still Holding Out
by Staff

With the NFL season quickly approaching, the Kansas City Chiefs have a king sized problem on their hands. Larry Johnson is STILL holding out.

While the Chiefs appear to be firm about holding their position, one can only think that one of the two parties will soon move off their current position.

If you think the 34 year old Priest Holmes who has been out of the game for two years is the answer to the Chiefs running game, you are wrong. The injury that he sustained is one that never truly goes away. It is a huge risk for this guy to even step onto the field, much less last for a whole season getting 20+ carries a game. Players simply don’t recover from neck injuries.

While we applaud his efforts and determination to get back out onto the field, it’s not a wise move as the first time he takes a nasty spearing during real game action from one of the bigger hitters in the league, there is no telling how bad it could get.

Will the Chiefs cough up the coin and give Larry what he wants? We think they eventually will if something isn’t done by September. With a deteriorating front line due to retiring players Willie Roaf and Will Shields and the questionable QB situation between Huard/Croyle, the team surely needs L.J. in the backfield to bring some formidability to the offense.

Then again, it may not matter if L.J. comes back or not, because if they keep working him to the tune of 400 touches a year, he’s going to blow out his knee like Jamal Anderson did a few years back and they’ll have two worthless injured backs.