Modern Day Dallas Cowboys Bunch of Pampered Prima Donna’s

Modern Day Dallas Cowboys Bunch of Pampered Prima Donna’s

By David A. Lane of

Though I hate to beat on a dead horse- no, it’s not the same one the Cowboy’s have been riding or the one Pac Man Jones should have beaten instead of a body guard- its time I make it official, this team is really nauseating. For many this is an easy thing to admit but realize that it just isn’t in my case having grown up in Big D with the ‘Boys. Somewhere in heaven above Tom Landry- who should be honored as the namesake of the new stadium in Arlington, TX, that cost almost as much to build as the federal bank bail out- has to be scowling because the differences between now and then are stark ones.

One thing, for example, is that there’s no way in hell Coach Landry would have ever put up with any of the nonsense that ensues on the sideline, in the luxury boxes, or any other circus venue Owner/GM Jerry Jones keeps around Valley Ranch- the plush, posh, shining palace, where apparently a player can improve his game while receiving manicures, pedicures, and a facial- nor would have GM at the time Tex Schramm. Like the importance of the separation of our branches of government, the Cowboys had a coach who coached players both on and off the field, a GM who managed player personnel, and an owner in Clint Murchison who was hands off for the most part just letting the other two do what they did best. They each had their roles and what made them so successful was that they were good at them.

Wasn’t long after Jerry Jones had an agreement on a piece of legal paper with second owner Bum Bright to buy the team and he was already promising to manage everything “from the jocks to the socks”. His next two steps were dishonorably discharging Hall of Fame Coach Landry and running off GM Schramm- his prerogative since it was then his team- each done with little class or tact. After winning fans back with Jimmy Johnson’s hiring leading the team to eventual success, he showed his true colors once more by dickering with him and by making the statement on record, “Any one of 500 college coaches could have won those Super Bowls.”, which led to him leaving while at the pinnacle of success. Then J.J. and his ego proceeded to go out and hire a college coach Barry Switzer (another tough one for Texans who don’t like anything about OU) who backed the team into winning another Super Bowl.


If meddling by the owner before was a rarity, it had now become the norm. Old school players like Cliff Harris, Bob Lilly, Jethro Pugh, Ed Jones, and Roger Staubach were above being caught up in off-field incidents because for one, but they also knew their coach would have none of it. Coaches like Landry expected everything from his players and usually always got it. If anything was to be said about playing time, the staff, or the organization, it had better have been said behind closed doors or that player would be the on the waiver wire- there were no grey areas.

Imagine how long Landry would put up with a Terrell Owens or Adam Pac Man Jones being on his team and it makes me laugh. What’s sad however is that these guys will continue to be a distraction that can only bring down the team yet they will both be coddled and allowed to do what they may because they have Jones on their side at least for now. Adam Jones is now in an alcohol rehab in Dallas and at last sight T.O. wasn’t crying literally or about not enough passes being thrown his way last week yet.

Starting Quarterback Tony Romo reports that he has a broken pinky and next we hear how he’ll be out at least a month. Jessica Simpson must have rubbed it really well or was it old school idol of his Brett Favres’ conversation that persuaded him to try and continue on with the season regardless of pain. Ronnie Lott who cut off his pinky during a game to continue on must have gotten as much a laugh from this news as me because in the old days a quarterback wouldn’t (a) talk about his injury because it was like adding a target to his body and would (b) continue on playing. If you’re ever lucky enough to shake Roger Staubach’s hand one day you’ll notice how many broken fingers he had during his career because maybe one or two of them are still straight.

In the midst of all the news that hovered over, above, and around Valley Ranch this week, PR junky Jones goes and trades three picks for Detroit Lions potential bust receiver Roy Williams- reminiscent of the Herschel Walker trade only this one has all the players going the other way- a move most certainly made to try and free up T.O. from double coverage and hopefully to free up the team from his 19 million dollar a year salary soon as well. Whether or not the move works, Jones has once again given in to a player he shouldn’t have- allowing the inmates to run the asylum. Win at all cost has a price and Jones should be finding out that it is a very expensive one.

Other fans don’t understand why many Cowboys fans dislike Jones and are jealous because the Cowboys owner spends money left and right in an attempt at improving his team enough to win it all and that is a fact that’s hard to deny. However, between the wrangling amongst communities to fund the 1 billion dollar stadium and the gaudy price the team’s charging for tickets there he has further distanced himself and the team from its fans.

Nothing is worse than seeing a class organization that was built on hard work, excellent public relations, and quality people go to the dogs so to speak. Character guys have always been the backbone of what the Cowboys are and have always stood for. Sure, some of them from the past have had their scrapes with the law as well but only a small handful were ever given second chances with the team while they seldom if ever signed other team’s head cases. Though these are far different times from back then, seems the same philosophies on running a team are still successful- one of them being to find good character guys who can play. Because this rule has been discarded now for so long, the star’s shine has been allowed to be tarnished for numerous reasons and it will take more than a championship to restore it in my eyes.