NFL Football Systems

We’re not a fan of NFL football betting systems at all, but your looking for them so we’ll report them! Before you weigh in on such info to place a bet, we’d like to advise you that many systems are based on past info and as far as we’re concerned what’s in the past is in the past.

However, this isn’t to say that we don’t believe in motivation of one team after being beaten numerous times in a row by another team or similar information to such a scenario. Some teams also indeed have nice home wining streaks that they have built up that can be a nice trend to play, but one should be aware that systems generally are worthless.

There is one in particular called the “Kelly Criterion” that interests us a bit, but it can get you in some real trouble unless your a super astute sports handicapper. We’ll post what it is in an article below. Enjoy!

Another system that some cappers use is doubling up.

Let’s say that you bet one game at $110 to win $100. You lose so on the next bet you wager $220 to win $200. If it loses, you next bet $440 to win $400. Say it wins, you have effectively won $400 while losing $330. The problem with betting this way is that if you hit huge losing streak your looking at needing to bet amounts that are unreasonable and in most cases “undoable.” Ten game losing streaks CAN happen. Keep in mind that it DOES happen too. Even to the best of us cappers.